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‘Live Casinos To Spread Across US Market’ (image source: www.888casino.com)

The principal supplier making the live casino industry possible within US states with online casino licensing is Evolution. The firm now operates 2 successful live studios in the country with a wide range of generic shared live casino tables spread across multiple brands, while the manufacturer’s success is thanks to its prominent partners that continue to firmly cement their place in the US online gambling industry.

BetMGM officially goes live with Evolution in Pennsylvania

BetMGM who has a partnership agreement with Evolution in Pennsylvania just went live. The online casino will offer over 140 casino games including Evolution’s suite of live dealer casino tables streamed via webcam from the Evolution live studio in Pennsylvania—the firm’s second US studio with additional states such as West Virginia and Michigan next up for the live casino manufacturer.

Games include blackjack, poker, and roulette at this time, with more tables expected to come into action as Evolution tables, as well as the concept of live dealer games, continue to become popular in the US. Even though live tables gaming via webcam is something Canadians, UK, New Zealand, South African, and Australian citizens are very much used to, the concept is new to US citizens.

When Black Friday swept across the USA with federal laws that effectively put an end to widespread online gambling using US dollars, live dealer games were early into their conception. As a result, US citizens never really got a chance to experience today’s state-of-the-art live dealer casino operations.

A very different story unfolded in Europe, where regulators and governments took a more adaptive approach to the way they licensed online gambling. Casio operators had the chance to upgrade their security and financial operations, become more transparent, and apply for licenses. It meant very few online casino closures which inevitably helped live dealer studios thrive.

Now in the US, people only just getting access to iGaming are now finding live casino tables with live dealers. It is a very foreign concept to them as blackjack as well as roulette players were used to playing virtual table games. As they begin to get used to and understand the concept of live gaming, Evolution will then introduce more tables and more table variants such as Craps, which is yet to go live in the US.

888 now available in 6 states across the US! Is this significant news for Evolution?

London-based firm 888 just doubled the number of established gambling connections it has in the USA. Overnight the firm went from 3 to 6 states after signing sports betting deals to gain licensing in Colorado, Iowa, and Indiana, which will add to 888’s existing presence in Nevada, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Although the Colorado, Iowa, and Indiana deals are not iGaming related, none of these states specifically ban online casinos, leaving the door open for future 888 casino operations in these states. This could also be good news for Evolution, whose entry into the US market was via 888 Casino in New Jersey, which is 1 2 states 888 has online casino licensing.

However, 888 casino ventures could double over the next 3 months as the up-and-coming Michigan and West Virginia iGaming markets are set to grant online casino licenses with Michigan expected to come online before the end of the year. That would make 8 states with the 888 Casino brand.

Right now, 888 is also one of a few iGaming firms licensed to operate in Nevada, which was 888’s first point of entry into the US market. While its iGaming operations in Nevada are purely for online poker, much like Colorado, Iowa, and Indiana, there is no official online casino license or laws against them. Meanwhile, legislators are pushing for casino licensing.

The first 888 casino was in New Jersey with its second online casino now in the new Pennsylvania market. Michigan should be next, followed by West Virginia. Then there is hope in Nevada, Colorado, Iowa, and Indiana for the future and Evolution should follow!

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