4 Rolls Bonus Round 8x

‘Evolution Monopoly LIVE Pays 5.29 Million Euros Via 2224x Multiplier!’ (image source: https://youtu.be/GYTAkQAA0Ak)

The award-winning Monopoly LIVE pays 5.29 million Euros from a double spin after the wheel of fortune hit the ‘Chance’ to add an 8x multiplier and then the ‘4 Rolls’ bonus game came spinning in immediately after!

It was a huge windfall, and on the largest paid on the Monopoly LIVE game show to date. On the first spin, players were over the moon to see the ‘Chance’ spin in, and even more delighted when it produced an ‘8x Multiplier. Spin Wheel again!’.

After that, anything could have happened! Those betting on the ‘4 Rolls’ bonus were pleading in the chat, and even though it came in, it was a close call as the flipper almost flicking past the ‘4 Rolls’ segment onto the 1, Yet, the wheel stood fast with cheers of ‘hahahah yesssssssssssssss’ on the chat!

The animated Mr Monopoly made his way from the studio into the augmented reality Monopoly game board, and as each property received its houses and multipliers, the man himself announced the ‘multiplier’ needed adding!

For those of you that are not familiar with Monopoly Live, the bonus game comes via the ‘2 Rolls’ or ‘4 Rolls’ segments on the wheel. You get 2 rolls on the Monopoly board for the ‘2 Rolls’ bonus and 4 rolls for the ‘4 Rolls’ bonus. The more rolls, the more multipliers you can pick on as you head around London’s famous hotspots. However, there is only a single ‘4 Roll’ segment on a 54 segment wheel. Add the fact that it took 2 spins to get there with the ‘Chance’ + ‘8x Multiplier. Spin Wheel again!’, then the ‘4 Rolls’ bonus followed, and we can all agree those playing were in the right place at the right time to land this rare combo!

4 Rolls Bettors Were Already in For a Big Win!

All the properties on the Monopoly board had the ‘**x’ multiplier values set, and then the game increased those values by the ‘8x Chance Multiplier’ delivering 32x, 40x, 48x, 88x, 96x, 120x, 320x, 400x, 800x, and 2000x multipliers, which were some of the highest numbers on the board. At this point, the dice still had not rolled!

Here’s a roll-by-roll account of how the eventual win built up to a mega 2,224x multiplier!

  • Roll 1: The first 2 dice rolled 5 taking players to the world-famous Kings Cross Station adding a 40x multiplier!
  • Roll 2: Next, the total roll was sending Mr Monopoly to another well-know London train station. This time it was Marylebone Station with another 40x multiplier!
  • Roll 3 (Double): As those on the chat were screaming out for a ‘double’ an amazing double 6, giving players 12 moves and a free dice roll, rolled out. The count meant players landed up in Coventry Street picking up a 64x multiplier!
  • Roll 4 (Extra Roll): As the previous roll was a double, Roll 4 was a free one, and the extra roll produced a 6 taking players to the exciting ‘Community Chess’!

Community Chess: Players collected a cash prize of 10x their bets with the 8x multiplier applied that was another 80x added to their already huge 144x collected from previous rolls. The total multiplier was now up to 224x the spin bet for all players that wagered the ‘4 Roll’ bonus!

  • Roll 5: On the final roll, no one could believe their luck when the 4 came out because that lead Mr Monopoly to London’s West End district of Park Lane where the largest multiplier on the Monopoly board was sitting—a whopping 2,000x—taking the total win to 2,224x the bet adding the 2,000x to the 224x creating the eventual and truly massive 2,224x multiplier. What a win!

Virtual London set alight with fireworks as players had their bonus wins displayed on their screens, while the announcement board at the bottom of the screen showed that a total pay-out of €5,291,776 to 1,058 players was the final number!

Multiple 6-Figure Wins: On the winners’ announcement board, there were 2 players picking up €500,250 wins. Another player was in with €222,500, while there were 3 winners with €100,000+ recorded! What a payday for those lucky players!

Chance 8x Muliplier
Park Lane 2000x Multiplier

Monopoly LIVE 5.29 Million Euro Payout Follows Series of Game Show Wins

The win follows the recent Evolution wheel of fortune pay-outs on Evolution’s Crazy Time game show titles which is regularly reporting million-dollar pay-outs. This the most expensive live dealer game produced by Evolution to date and all 4-bonus round have now broken through the €1 million pay-out milestone, and there are sure to be plenty more wins to come!

Cash Hunt Bonus: On 13 March the ‘Cash Hunt’ bonus landed a 2,500x multiplier paying out €1.6 million to 762 players with the largest individual win from the day being €285,292! At the time, ‘Cash Hunt’ was the only bonus round yet to have made it past a €1 million pay-out, but now this win completes the set!

Crazy Time Bonus: On 11 February the ‘Crazy Time Bonus’ hit a 5,000x multiplier on its bonus wheel, paying out €2.8 million! 727 players shared that prize, and the biggest winner took a massive €269,834 while there was another play close behind with a €207,684 win!

Right now it seems the best wheel of fortune titles consistently paying out million Euro wins are Monopoly LIVE, Crazy Time, and Adventures Beyond Wonderland, all of them adding their own twist of bonus games!

Adventures Beyond Wonderland Big Win: At the beginning of the month, Playtech Live’s Adventures Beyond Wonderland, released in November 2020, dished out a huge 1,120x multiplier. The total pay-out was close to €1 million with €954,548 paid out to 431 winners! You can watch the win here on the Playtech YouTube channel! It surely will not be long before this wheel of fortune title announces its first million Euro player windfall!

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