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‘Evolution Game Shows: 6-Figure Mega Ball Wins!’ (image source: www.evolution.com/our-games/game-shows)

If you are not following Evolution in Twitter then don’t worry because we are, and an interesting Tweet that just popped up on their feed is the announcement of 6-Figure Mega Ball wins!

The total paid out was €228,573 and that was the cumulative total of 2 big bonus ball wins last week at Evolution live casinos. Bonus balls are an added feature the Mega Ball game offering players an extra chance of winning an additional multiplier on winning lines already banked. For the bonus ball multiplier to apply, The Mega Ball game selects a random number from the game dispenser and a multiplier chosen from a roller meter that contains up to 100x multipliers.

For the huge €228,573 pay-out to happen, the 50x or 100x multiplier will have been randomly selected from the meter for the bonus ball multiplier feature, plus the lucky winning players would have won multiple lines on their Mega Ball cards.

Huge winning potential even for low stake bets

With 6 lines, players receive a huge 10,000x multiplier on their bet amount for the winning card. For example, a basic €0.20 minimum bet will pay €2,000 if a player wins all 6 lines, and with a 100x multiplier, the pay-out is a massive €200,000.

As you can see, the Mega Ball game can quite easily reach huge pay outs for small bets, while those betting €1 up to €100 per card could potentially win millions. For this reason, and because of the recent 6-figure wins, it is easy to see why this is one of Evolution’s most popular live game shows!

How does Mega Ball work?

The game is a live casino game found on live casinos that host Evolution games. Players can easily select Mega Ball to open the dedicated live studio and bet between €0.20 and €100 per card, and the number of cards per round per player can be anything between 1 and 100.

Each card comes in a 5×5 grid which is 25 numbers while the Mega Ball game will randomly select 20 balls out of 51. Each ball shoots up from the dispenser into a tube and if a card has that number, then it is struck off the cards. Winning cards need to have lines of 5 numbers which can run vertically, diagonally, or horizontally. A full card means that the player receives the max pay-out 10,000x the amount bet on the card.

The addition of the bonus ball gives players the chance to further enhance their winnings. As long as 1 of the winning lines on the card contains the bonus ball number, then the multiplier associated with that bonus ball is applies to the total winnings on cards with completed lines.

Mega ball Features:

  • 20 numbers drawn from 51
  • Buy 1 to 200 cards per round
  • 25 numbers per card (5×5 grid)
  • Min-max €0.20 to €100 per card
  • Create 1 to 6 winning lines per card
  • 5 numbers per line make a win
Bonus Ball Potential
  • 1 or 2 bonus balls per round
  • 5x to 100x random multipliers
  • Bonus ball must appear in win lines
  • Multiplier applied to winning cards
  • Huge winning potential
Multipliers for creating winning lines:
  • 1 line = x1 multiplier
  • 2 lines = x5 multiplier
  • 3 lines = x50 multiplier
  • 4 lines = x250 multiplier
  • 5 lines = x1,000 multiplier
  • 6 lines = x10,000 multiplier

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