Evolution Live Peek Baccarat Release

Evolution Peek Baccarat how to play video hits the brand’s official YouTube channel–increase bets after the clock with cards on the felts! (Image from evolution.com)

The much-anticipated Peek Baccarat live dealer title is finally within touching distance as Evolution release Peek Baccarat How to Play tips on its official YouTube channel and Twitter feed. More often than not, it is the brand’s social media and not its official new page that gives us clues as to what’s up-and-coming, and the release of Peek Baccarat live was first touted on the Twitter feed and YouTube, while the game was also placed on its main website.

How to Play Peek Baccarat

In the newly published ‘how to play’ video, there’s 1 minute and 33 seconds of action. And the main selling point of this title is that you can increase your bet even after the set betting time expires. What’s more, this additional opportunity to bet comes after cards are already on the table.

Once the original clock time to bet is over, the dealer places 2 cards face down on the Player + Banker positions. At this point, the dealer will reveal 1, 2, 3 or 4 cards to the players. If you feel the cards revealed on the hand you placed your bet on stands a good chance of winning, you can increase your bet by doubling or tripling it. Once the new timer is up, the dealer will conclude the hand.

All the usual bets are there. Banker and Player paying the traditional even odds 1:1 return on winning bets, and the ‘Tie’ bet is also available with an 8:1 payoff. Adding to the fun, there are side bets which are Player Pair (P-Pair) and Banker Pair (B-Pair)—in short, you are betting on whether the first 2 cards the dealer places on the Player or Banker positions are a pair, and if your bet succeeds, the payout is 11:1.

Increase your bet after your bet—what? Yes, you read it correctly. Peek Baccarat is a live baccarat table allows you to add more chips on the felts after the normal betting clock has expired while cards are already on the table. Just be aware that for this additional advantage, there is a 20% fee for every bet.

We love the way Evolution releases new game titles—an exciting & informative process

One point I really admire about the way Evolution brings new live games to the attention of the live casino community is the fact that the brand doesn’t use solely ad productions, so to speak.

It all begins with a ‘teaser’ YouTube video to hype the new release, and then come game release time and the brand gets straight down to business with an up-close and personal ‘how to play’ video. It is a process myself and the team have grown accustomed to with all new game titles entering Evolution’s live casino game portfolio, which I might add is the largest collection of live dealer games online today.

With the new Peek Baccarat title added to the collection, Evolution now boasts a huge collection of live Baccarat titles and live games based on baccarat.

1. Live Peek Baccarat
2. Live Bac Bo (Dice Baccarat)
3. Live Baccarat
4. Salon Privé (High Stakes)
5. Live Multi-Camera Baccarat
6. Live Baccarat Squeeze
7. Live Baccarat Control Squeeze
8. Live Speed Baccarat
9. Live Lightning Baccarat

10. No Commission Baccarat
11. Live Dual Play Baccarat (Land-Based)
12. Live Red Envelope Baccarat
13. Golden Wealth Baccarat
14. Live Dragon Tiger
15. First Person Baccarat (3D RNG)
16. First Person Lightning Baccarat (3D RNG)
17. First Person Golden Wealth Baccarat (3D RNG)
18. First Person Dragon Tiger (3D RNG)

New Dice Baccarat from Evolution: Adding to Evolution’s collection of Baccarat style game titles, we recently saw the release of Live Bac Bo which you can also find the ‘teaser’ and ‘how to play’ video on the official YouTube channel, while we also created our own Live Bac Bo news story lauding the release of the new ‘dice come baccarat’ title. 4 months prior to this, the RNG operated First Person Lightning Baccarat also features on the YouTube channel.

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