Evolution Releases Fan Tan Teaser

Evolution Releases Fan Tan Teaser. This is a Chinese-themed game with an RTP of 98.75, and 2.85:1 maximum payouts. (Image Source: Youtube.com – Evolution Gaming)

Evolution Gaming has been on the roll lately and has released yet another teaser of its Fan Tan Live casino game via its YouTube page. This is coming not long after it released a teaser of its Cash or Crash lotto game. Like every release from this developer, we expect only the highest quality from this game release. It is expected to go live globally on September 15th and we can’t wait!

So, what exactly should you expect with this game? Let us find out.

About Fan Tan Live

Fan Tan Live is a Chinese-themed game with an RTP of 98.75, and 2.85:1 maximum payouts with side bets also available. Fan Tan Live is to be available on desktop and mobile. Evolution has carefully preserved the original game’s gameplay loop and has made the new version very close to the original Fan Tan that is played in Asian casinos.

Players who play Fan Tan Live will have access to both an advanced view and a default view. The advanced view allows the players to have access to more options while the default view gives them access to the key Fan Tan Live bets. However, new players can find the advanced view quite intimidating.

How Does Fan Tan Live Work?

The game has several rounds with each beginning with a betting round. The game aims to predict the figure of beads that will be left in its final line. Thus, players will get to play several wagers including Odd/Even, Big/Small, Sheh-sam-hong, Kwok, Nim, and Fan. Players who want to bet on a particular wager will choose a coin value and set it on the bet they want to play. The game will then proceed to the next stage when the timer runs out. The game host hoards the beads in one place using a special stick, after which he/she will place the beads under a glass dome and shake them.

Next, the dealer will then separate some of the beads (a random number) using a metal cup after a while. Then, the beads will be placed on the table while the host uses the special stick once again to split the separated beads into groups of four and they will be lined up until the last line of beads remains.

Fancy a teaser? Check out Evolution’s YouTube teaser video giving Evolution fans a taste of what’s in store from this new and exciting title. Remember to log in to your YouTube account to see the video to confirm you are over 18 and old enough to watch this video.

Additional Features

Players can unlock extra betting options by activating the advanced mode to uncover additional bets that will offer them extra flexibility.  There are also Nim bets that work like the standard Fan bet where players can pick a winning number. However, Nim bets cover 2 numbers although only one of them is a winning number. For instance, if a player bets on the 1 Nim 3 bet, the wager will win only if one bead remains at the end. But, if 3 beads remain, it leads to a push and the player’s initial bet will be returned. Players can win 1.9:1 Nim bets as payouts.

Similarly, Kwok bets cover 2 numbers but it treated the two numbers as winning numbers. Players will get a reward when they place a Kwok 2-3 bet if two or three beads remain. Kwok bets pay 0.95:1 because it is easier to win. Ssh (Shem-sam-hong) allows players to play 3 numbers and considers all of them winning numbers. This makes Ssh the safest bet to play. The payout is however low as it pays 0.316667:1.

Lastly, players can access 2 traditional side bets. The first one, Big/Small allows them to bet on the final number of beads – whether it will be big (3 or 4), or small (1 or 2). The second traditional side bet is Odd/Even which checks the last line of beads to see if it is an even or odd number. If a player draws 1 or 3 beads, Odd wins while Even wins if the player draws 2 or 4 beads. These two traditional side bets cover 2 numbers and pay 0.95:1.


You will see how many players are choosing a Fan bet when placing your bets and you will also see the total money spent on a particular bet in the current round. This can serve as a guide to players who cannot decide on what to play. Alternatively, players can also open a detailed statistic page that reveals statistics and results of the last 500 rounds. They can then use this knowledge to spot potential trends which they can exploit.

Furthermore, players can play any one of the 4 Fan bets with each tied to a definite number such that players will win if the number of beads remaining at the end of the round is the same as their main bet. Fan bets pay higher than all other wagers in the Fan Tan Live game. The payout for Fan bets is always the same regardless of anyone played as four, three, two, and one all pays 2.85:1.

Should You Play Fan Tan Live?

Evolution Gaming continues to blaze the trail of innovative titles in its portfolio with Fan Tan Live although it is not the first provider to introduce this game in the live casino area. However, Evolution aims to offer a more polished product which is evident in its version of Fan Tan Live. This is certainly a game worth playing upon release.


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