Golden Wealth Baccarat Live

Evolution Releases Teaser of Golden Wealth Baccarat Live. The game offers 98.85% RTP for players who hold on to player bets. (Image Source: Evolution)

Evolution, a world-class gaming developer and supplier, is renowned for periodically launching and rolling out new entertaining titles in the iGaming industry. The provider has lots of thrilling titles to its name, which endears its fans. Just recently, it released a teaser of its upcoming game Golden Wealth Baccarat, on its YouTube page, and as usual, we were not disappointed. So, what can you expect from this game? Let’s have a look.

About Golden Wealth Baccarat

Golden Wealth Baccarat is like the iconic Lightning Baccarat from Evolution Gaming, which was one of the pioneer titles that introduced multipliers to boost players’ wins in table games. The new version is an update of the former as it focuses more on getting the multipliers to hit more often while focusing less on big wins. This does not mean that players can no longer get huge wins, as this release still guarantees them life-changing wins.

Players can play Golden Wealth Baccarat with a single 52-card deck which is reshuffled in every round. This reshuffling is done to prevent the player from getting an advantage from card counting. Golden Wealth Live Baccarat has a 98.85% RTP for players who hold on to player bets. The game features multipliers and a pair of side bets which players can use to boost their payouts.

How To Play Golden Wealth Baccarat Live

Players have a few seconds to place their bets at the start of each round. They will then have to choose one of the available coins when they want to wager their funds. The selected coin will then be placed in the desired position where the player wants to play. There are two betting options for the player; one is betting that the banker or player will win while the other is betting that the game will be a tie. Players can also choose to place a banker pair or player pair side bet. However, players must ensure that they place all wagers before the end of the allotted time at the beginning of the game round.

The golden round begins once the betting time elapses. Five cards will be randomly selected during the golden round. The cards will be randomly assigned multiplier while they will also receive a golden glow. An additional 20 percent will then be added to the player’s bet to fund the multipliers. IA player’s payout will be increased if any of the five golden cards land in a winning position. The Golden cards will then multiply with each other to achieve a 512x (8x8x8x) maximum multiplier.

Depending on a player’s hand value, the player will be dealt 2 or 3 cards after the golden cards have been assigned. If the player’s hand value is over 10, the first digit will be removed. This implies that a total score of 15 becomes 5. The player has to ensure that all the cards in his hand add up to nine because failure to do so means that the hand that is closest to nine will be declared the winner of the round.

Additional Features of Golden Wealth Baccarat Live

Members of the casino can play either the banker or player pair side bets just like they do in existing baccarat games. Players would receive a cash prize if the 2 cards dealt to the banker or player form a pair. Similarly, the multiplier can also modify the two side bets. In this case, the usual 9:1 payout can increase up to 576:1 while the RTP for banker and player pair side bets is 86%. This game also boasts many different roadmaps which casino members can use to monitor the previous rounds’ results. They can also use the roadmaps to predict future wagering possibilities when they monitor past trends.

Payouts of Golden Wealth Baccarat Live

When you win, both banker and player bets pay 1:1. However, the 5% banker bet commission will still apply such that 95% of a player’s bet wins be returned if they win a banker bet. On the other hand, player bets get 100%  of their bet if they win.

The payouts for both banker and player bets can be increased to 512:1 while they have an RTP of 98.69% and 98.85%, respectively. Lastly, when players wager that a round will end in a tie, they get paid 5:1 under normal conditions. Multipliers from the banker and player sides will be applied to the tie bet if it wins. This will allow the tie bet to attain a 1,312,720:1 maximum payout.

Players will find this maximum payout appealing, especially as Evolution has capped a whooping 500,000 dollars as the top prize. The tie bet has a 93.36% RTP. Here are a few takeaways and cons from the above review of the Golden Wealth Baccarat. And what’s even better is that this game is available at Evolution casinos right now – check out our live casino reviews to find an Evolution casino for you.


  1. Payers can get massive wins
  2. There are frequent multiplier hits
  3. Players will enjoy the roadmaps and use them to make decisions


  1. There is a 5% commission on banker bets
  2. The golden fee causes all bets to increase by 20%.
Should You Play Golden Wealth Baccarat Live?

Golden Wealth Baccarat is a true upgrade of all other Baccarat games as it has improved on most of the lapses of its predecessor. The game boasts a high payout for players who can chase the jackpot. Casual players will also find the game more exciting as the multiplier hits more often.  You should try out Golden Wealth Baccarat today and get to enjoy the fun which Evolution Gaming has packed into it.


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