Ezugi Gets a New Look

Ezugi Gets a New Look. With this it comes with a newer design, slogan, and more user-friendly website for users. (Image Source: Ezugi.com)

Ezugi, the well-known developer, has disclosed its new brand identity after excelling for almost ten years in the live casino scene.

A rare Ezugi media report mentions the CEO, Kfir Kugler, had a few things to say about the implication of the company going forward and how crucial innovation and data are in having an edge in the market. Ezugi has been making major changes gradually, and now it is ready to unveil its new brand identity. Let us check out the breakdown of the new changes made by this developer.

Posh New Changes Made by Ezugi

The first step places focus on its visual identity, as it generates a new slogan and logo that aligns with the company values of Ezugi. This company now belongs to the Evolution Group after it was purchased in 2018. This has further extended the global reach of Evolution and aided in boosting its growth in core markets.

For the Ezugi live casino software platform, the implication of this is that speed, streaming quality, and user experience have been taken to another level. Ezugi has a reputation for having a fast and bold approach to live gaming. This rebrand is due to its recognition of the importance of remaining competitive and contemporary in this present gambling sector. The goal of Ezugi is to point out its vision clarity when it has to do with launching new ideas. Smart Move, which is the new slogan, shows Ezugi’s product portfolio and ethics of offering new localized content. For Ezugi, it is more than a one-size-fits-all, but instead about developing advanced content with a ‘first-to-market mindset.

Ezugi has been using top-of-the-line innovation to become a unique and leading market influence in the live casino scene. Ever since it was developed in 2012, the company made a reputation for itself as a major force in developing leading localized content. Now, the company operates 12 studios with more than 20 types of different games and partners with over 200 operators around the world. This is evidence that Ezugi understands the requirements of clients that want to head into new territories. It goes further by offering major understandings of cultural variances and fashions products to have a localized feel and make certain its operators are successful.

When developing new regions, Ezugi is devoted to compliance and broadening its reach in regulated markets. Its systems have been developed to aid safe gaming standards, and it reviews these processes constantly to make sure they comply with the regulatory measures. Live gaming has to do with trust, and Ezugi knows that integrity is crucial to developing a foundation for long-term collaborations and a successful business. After it broke into a few regulated markets like South Africa, New Jersey, along with EU regulated areas like Belgium, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Curacao – Ezugi has also attained numerous new certifications over the past ten months, including the MGA, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain, Italy, Argentina, Bulgaria, Estonia, Columbia, and IoM.

More Comments from Ezugi’s CEO – A Posh New Look Heading Towards an Exciting Future

Kfir Kugler, CEO of Ezugi stated that:

They had come a long way from where they began from their inception ten years back. Now, they offer an elaborate collection of live games and innovative solutions.

He added that their visual identity should indicate all the hard work and changes of their creative minds. He concluded by stating that they had a new smart look, but their mission to offer customers an edge over the competition via innovation and date remained the same. Ezugi has leveraged its always-live mentality of 24/7 support, 24/7 gaming opportunities, and 24/7 open tables with its new logo design. Operators will also notice that a unique red streaming live dot has also been included. The second and last step of the corporate rebranded comes with a new website and a user-oriented customer portal.

Kugler continued in his statement by stating that:

It has always been part of Ezugi to offer leading services to its players and customers. He added that with the introduction of the second-stage branding of a new website and portal, clients of Ezugi would enjoy immense benefits from the user-friendly setup and their efforts to establish a modern client section to meet their requirements.

More details will be let out as the efforts to rebrand continues.


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