Ezugi Spices Up Live Blackjack with New Side Bets

Ezugi Spices Up Live Blackjack titles by adding a couple of new side bets that could pay out 22:1 and 23:1, respectively! (Image by 6171862 at pixabay.com)

If you’re a fan of the live blackjack games offered by Ezugi, you might have noticed something a little different when playing them recently. As many of you will know, Ezugi traditionally offers two side bets on its blackjack tables.

Those are the popular 21 + 3 and Perfect Pairs side bets you’ll find on many land-based and online blackjack tables. However, to give its players even more choice, the firm has now doubled up on the side bets it offers to players on many of its live blackjack tables.

While it depends on where you play, as each operator chooses whether to can add them, some of Ezugi’s live blackjack tables now offer two additional side bets, which means you now have four to choose from.

The man behind the invention of these side bets was Stephen Au-Yeung, a man that is renowned in the gambling industry for inventing new games (Casino Hold’em and Unlimited Blackjack with Auto Splits), and dozens of new side bets. If you follow poker, Au-Yeung was also fairly successful on the UK poker scene and was the man that gave the Devil Fish and Cobra nicknames to Dave Ulliott and Surinder Sunar, respectively.

If you want to learn more about Au-Yeung and the games and side bets he has created, he is the founder of the New Table Games website, which showcases his genius creations. Some of his newest games include Roulette 18, the first socially distanced land-based roulette table.

A Closer Look at the 2 New Ezugi Side Bets Spicing up its Blackjack Tables

Now that we’ve cleared up the history behind these interesting new side bets, you’re probably wondering how they work. Well, I have broken both down for you so that you know how to make use of them once you come across them.

  • Perfect 11

This is a side bet that pays out if your first two cards are a blackjack or add up to 11. If you land the perfect blackjack from your first two cards, you win 5:1. If those cards add up to 11, you get paid at 10:1. The only exception is if the two cards that add up to 11 are suited, as in this case, you’re paid 21:1.

  • Ten20

If you place a Ten20 side bet at participating Ezugi live blackjack tables, you’re betting on your first two cards adding up to 10 or 20. The best payout is 22:1 if those two cards are a pair of 5s. However, you’ll also win 10:1 for two cards adding up to 10 and 3:1 if 20.

Note: As mentioned, it is down to the operator whether they implement these side bets on the Ezugi blackjack tables on their platforms. The same goes for the 21 + 3 and Perfect Pairs side bets. You could see anything from 0 to 4 of the side bets depending on where you play. There is one title that always offers all 4, however, and that is the firm’s Unlimited Blackjack tables.

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