Caesars Palace Robbery Attempt

Looking for a story to brighten up your day in the world of casinos? Check out this failed crime caper in Las Vegas’s Caesars Palace! (Photo by Matt Popovich on Unsplash)

Two women have been arrested on charges of theft, as their plan to steal from an unsuspecting victim took a turn for the worst, in what can be only described as, unconventional circumstances. What was never going to be ‘crime of the century’, took place at the iconic Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Caesars Palace is part of Caesars Entertainment Inc, which grew its assets with the acquisition of William Hill. The two women took the stolen goods and tried to get away, only before getting apprehended in time for their great escape. It comes as a bit of a surprise that these kinds of crimes are still being committed even in this day and age; tainting the safety images of casinos everywhere.

So Close, Yet So Far. Not Likely to be a Box Office Sell-Out

So, picture the scene, a guy in a casino is playing the tables and having a pretty successful session, but then he thinks he really lucked in when approached by two females who showed an interest in him, but little did he know that another planned crime in Las Vegas was just starting, and he was the victim. After talking for some time, maybe a few drinks, the guy thinks he’s hit the jackpot when the three decide that they should take this little meeting to his hotel room for a bit more privacy. Whilst the guy is taking a shower, the two women rummage through his belongings and find $6,500, and a Rolex watch, and decide that they want to keep them.

The victim was alert enough to uncover the crime and then made a smart move by calling for assistance. Police were called to the scene, and a body search was conducted on Staycee Johnson, as there was a suspicious bulge in her nether regions. Johnson had admitted to concealing $6,500 inside herself, only for the roll of cash to fall out. Police officers would later perform an X-ray on Nikki Grandel at Clark County Detention Center as the hunt for the missing Rolex continued. To no surprise, the X-ray revealed a watch-shaped object inside Nikki Grandel’s genitalia. Both women have since been released on bail, but are scheduled for a court appearance on 1st February. If this story was turned into a movie, it might have to be put in the comedy genre. Of all the famous Vegas casino crime movies that we can think of, from Ocean’s Eleven to Rain Man, and 21, this story would definitely be on a budget.

This Kind of Crime Would Never Happen at Live Casino. Yet Another Barrier of Protection is Revealed.

America is regularly in the news for crime, as it is, unfortunately, one of the liveliest countries in the world for criminal activity, and Las Vegas is no different. This latest incident is just one of a few recent crimes in the area, as we have just seen two robbery incidents involving fatal shootings. For the casino industry, these crimes act as major deterrents, as more and more customers worry about the possibility of themselves becoming a victim. This may very well lead to a further increase in the popularity of online casinos, as players seek a safer time gambling. Maybe Caesars trying to sell its non-US William Hill assets was not such a good business idea?

Caesars is a world-famous casino operator known for its high-class casino resorts and online casino. It made the news last year when it bought out William Hill. Since then, the casino giant has sold its non-US William Hill assets to 888 Holdings, which operates the famous 888 Casino to which you can check out our 888 Live Casino review here.

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