SoftSwiss Managed Services Departments

What do SoftSwiss operated online casinos have in store for you as a member? An impressive 5 ‘Managed Service’ departments confirmed! (Photo by NEW DATA SERVICES on Unsplash)

SoftSwiss Manage services structural changes to its B2B casino platform services were earmarked for an overhaul recently, which is bow finalized. We have to say; the improvements coming from the Austrian-based online sports and casino aggregator continues to impress us.

If you are a member of King Billy Casino, N1 Casino or Slot Wolf Casino or you are looking for an online casino that offers engaging customer experiences, then you may begin to notice considerable improvements with some services offered such as customer support and VIP support. (More details about these casinos are available in our live casino review and test section).

As the SoftSwiss client base (list of operators), crypto, fiat currency, payment options, software developers, and the number of regions the platform is now active continues to grow, the company decided to split some of its key services into individual sections. As with most businesses that grow, it is important to specialise areas to improve service delivery. SoftSwiss has done just that with its structured ‘Managed Services’ options and departments expanding to 5 key platform areas.

The latest development reported is that VIP Player Support services and Play Retention are now 2 separate ‘Managed Services’ offered by the platform for casino brands. On top of this, SoftSwiss has now created a ‘New Player Reactivation’ team so casinos can players back online and playing.

Vitali Matsukevich, the SoftSwiss head of ‘Managed Services’ commented in the brand’s news report that the ‘Managed Services’ division is now officially split into 5 sections. Although SoftSwiss is a B2B service provider, its platform is designed to target B2C companies and as such Mr Matsukevich made a point of how well SoftSwiss understands the needs of casino players (the consumers). As a result, SoftSwiss is focused on ensuring online casino brands like N1 Casino and family are able to increase areas such as player loyalty, which often comes via excellent customer services.

Interesting Support Facts: SoftSwiss manages services ‘First Line Support’ department handled 1.5 million live chats with around 200+ interactions with customer service agents per day. Thanks to quick response times, SoftSwiss recorded an 83% ‘Customer Satisfaction’ index.

SoftSwiss Manages Services Consists of 5 Departments to Improve Player Experience

With the newly structured ‘Managed Services’ on a growing platform there are 5 departments concentrating on customer support, anti-fraud, VIP services, player loyalty (retention), and reactivation of user accounts to bring players that have not played for a while back to the tables, slots, or sports betting.

  • First Line Support: This is the support agent that handles your first inquiry. This person is also responsible for escalating serious or urgent support issues as well as keeping you informed on the progress.
  • Anti-Fraud Support: Detects fraudulent activity and also helps you with any issues that relate to possible fraudulent activity
  • VIP Player Support: If the online casino has a loyalty program, this team looks after you with personalised services. In particular, this service is for high rollers.
  • Player Retention: This is a service that operators appreciate. It is SoftSwiss’s dedicated team of professionals with a deep understanding of the B2C sector in iGaming and sports. It is there to help the casino keep its player base.
  • Player Reactivation: Designed to research why players reduce gambling activity or do not gamble anymore at different casinos. It also helps/assists players to get back online or enhance players’ previous online casino experience. (This could be something like giving live casino players more bonuses specific to live games).

SoftSwiss Major Achievement: Another notable achievement recorded by SoftSwiss was its ICA certifications to increase the company’s support expertise, particularly in the Anti-Fraud support area. In total requests process by the SoftSwiss team rose another 40,500, which was a 35% increase. The band also added a prestigious MGA licensing service after passing the necessary and very strict requirements to gain approval from the EU based authority.

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