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From EGT to Amusnet, and what it could mean in the long-term for the company, and what are the plans moving on into the rest of 2022? (Image from

EGT has long been considered by many to be one of the most recognisable brands in iGaming, and has spent many of its 20+ years right at the top of the food chain. So why would it risk losing its identity when it announced that it was going to change its name from EGT to Amusnet? Years of hard work could be undone, however, the benefits involved could see it catapult itself into the modern era, and the company believes that the rewards far outweigh the risk. There are many benefits involved with rebranding that we will go into, as well as how the company predicts the future will look, and how it plans on getting there.

Evolving into Bigger and Better Things – The Story of a Lifetime, and What is the New Logo?

Amusnet (EGT) Interactive has always prided itself on innovation, ambition, and the ability to create the greatest possible gaming experiences for its players.

Rebranding itself is just another example of that according to Vesselina Andreeva, the Chief Operations Officer at Amusnet (EGT) Interactive. It is the opinion of the company that, rebranding itself is a far cry from forgetting its history, but more like refreshing its image. We all change our clothes, but what’s inside doesn’t change.

As it happens, the Amusnet Interactive logo does not look a million miles away from the EGT Interactive logo that we all know. In doing this, the company will keep much of its identity that it has worked so hard to build for over 2 decades. The brand elements are the same, as are its overall look and feel, with the colouring being the same and the stacked writing design. The company believes that this will allow for a much smoother transition, and the company will be instantly recognisable to those looking.

The transition from EGT to Amusnet will not be rushed, as the company plans on introducing subtle changes until its new name is established, at which point, Amusnet will be introduced across all of its communication channels.

The Unique Selling Points of Amusnet is the Driving Force Behind its Success – Ambitions Plans to Enter New Territory

It seems that there is quite a lot of excitement surround the name change, with industry partners showing plenty of support for the move. Amusnet has been keeping close communications with its partners, discussing strategies on how to make a full transition.

Moving forward, it’s going to be much more of the same from Amusnet. The company has a long history of looking to improve its service, producing engaging content, releasing new products, incorporating the most advanced features into its games, and of course there are sure to be plenty of offers just like with EGT bonus offers. As a leading provider in the current market, Amusnet plans to strengthen its position further by releasing many more casino games that bring the player a unique gaming experience. Furthermore, Amusnet has the aim to move into new territories in the coming months, as a way to give it a more sizeable footprint across the globe.

A Bit of a Shuffle in Amusnet’s Staffing – Irina Rusimova Appointed New Chief Business Officer

The position of Chief Business Officer recently opened up at Amusnet, but the company did not have to look very far to fill the vacancy. Irina Rusimova had already been working at Amusnet in multiple roles for years. She knows how the company operates, and what its ambitions are moving forward, making her the perfect fit to take on the role.

Read the Full Interview: The full interview with Vesselina Andreeva was an insightful one into the future plans of Amusnet. No doubt we will have much more news in the coming weeks and months regarding, the more the story develops.

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