GambleAware Invests on Youth Education Center

GambleAware Invests in UK Gambling Education Center. The charity says it has invested over 2.5 million Euros in Wales and England to ensure this. (Image  by Aidan Howe on Unsplash)

GambleAware is set to extend its UK Gambling Education Center to Wales and England as it announced two new invitations to Tender.

The charity says it has invested over 2.5 million Euros in Wales and England as part of its efforts to make the Youth Education Center service available in the countries. In realistic figures, the investment, which totals 2.58 million pounds (3.5 million dollars/ 3.1 million Euros), will prove its worth as it aims to aid in the prevention and reduction of gambling harms among young people in the two nations.

GambleAware has now released invitations to firms that can develop, design, and deliver the new Gambling Education Centers to Tender. Many young people and children are already into harmful gambling practices like compulsive gambling and other problem gaming. When completed, the projects in both countries are expected to achieve the goals for which they were developed. The overall aim of the new projects is to employ early prevention and intervention techniques to lower the rate of gambling harm among children and young people.

How Will These Projects Achieve This Aim?

Organizations and practitioners will be provided with skills and strong confidence via the new centers, which they would then use to educate children and young people about the risks and harms involved in gambling, responsible gambling, support channels, the right way to gamble, and where they can seek advice. GambleAware invested in the latest Gambling Education center based on the present Gambling Education Center in Scotland, which has been in operation for many years and is being run by Fast Forward. Thus, the Scottish Gambling Education Center’s impeccable specifications will be replicated in these new hubs. What is more interesting is that the two prospective centers will even be better because the adapted specifications are results of recommendations and learnings developed when an external evaluation was carried out.

In addition, differences in the political system, regions, curriculums, needs, demands, and other frameworks that are peculiar to each nation will be reflected in the two latest hubs in England and Wales. This implies that the provided casino gambling education will be tailored to the needs of each country. After the projects have in accomplished, gamblers in both countries will have access to vital gambling education, and they can be sure that their children and young ones are not into problem gambling.

About GambleAware: GambleAware is a fully independent service in the UK, particularly across Wales, Scotland, and England. It offers charity, grants, treatment, and prevention services to ensure responsible gambling. It also works closely, and in many cases hand-in-hand with the UK Gambling Commission to help reduce problem gambling in the United Kingdom. In our live casino review section, you will find the GambleAware logo at the bottom of all UKGC licensed and some MGA licensed live casinos.


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