Self-Exclusion in Increase at GamStop

‘GamStop Records 21% Increase in Self-Exclusion Registrations’ (Image Source:

In the past year, online wagering has skyrocketed in the UK, but so has the number of self-exclusion registrations. GamStop, a free UK national self-exclusion scheme, has revealed that in February, there was a 21% increase of people registering for self-exclusion.

The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns and restrictions have led to an increase in people gambling online and the increase in numbers self-excluding. More people are stuck at home, some have endured employment or financial stress, and thus, more have turned to online gambling. An increase in self-exclusions suggests that more people have developed gambling problems and have taken steps to put an end to them.

Increase in Self-Exclusion Worries GamStop

GamStop gives vulnerable gamblers the ability to self-exclude themselves from online casinos and betting platforms but those within the scheme insist players should seek further help. According to GamStop, most UKGC-licensed gambling platforms prevent self-excluded players from using their services. However, the service is concerned about an increase in black market websites willing to take bets from self-excluded gamblers. GamStop is powerless to prevent self-excluded players from finding other avenues for their gambling problems. For that reason, GamStop urges vulnerable players to go further than self-exclusion by seeking help and guidance for their gambling addiction.

Increase in Self-Inclusion Registrations – The Figures

In total, close to 200,000 people in the UK have signed up for the free GamStop self-exclusion service. Men account for two-thirds of that number, while 60% of those that use the service fall under the 18-34 age category. On February 22, the scheme recorded a record 326 self-exclusions in one day. GamStop also reports an increase in female registrations in the past year.

It is clear that the number of people developing gambling problems is on the rise. We always promote responsible gambling and urge any readers who feel they have a problem to seek guidance from GamStop, GamCare, and other non-profit gambling support organisations.

UK MPs Urge Temporary £50 Online Betting Limits During Pandemic

In related news, a group of UK MPs is calling for a temporary betting cap on online gambling websites during the COVID-19 crisis. The All Party Parliamentary Group on Gambling Related Harm (APPG) is asking iGaming operators to act responsibly by protecting customers during these testing times. The group which includes Iain Duncan Smith, Ronnie Cowan, and Carolyn Harris has suggested UK online live casinos and betting websites install a temporary betting cap of £50.

The UKGC has recently announced strict new measures which will come into force in October 2021 and will go some way to protecting those who gamble online. However, the APPG believes online betting platforms should take their own action by limiting the money players can spend. The group believes that the current COVID-climate could lead to an increase in problem gamblers, much like the increase in self-exclusions at GamStop suggests.

On top of the proposed temporary betting cap, the APPG is also asking online casinos to put blocks on anyone creating multiple accounts to circumvent the caps. Furthermore, the group believes betting platforms could do more to spot problem gamblers earlier.

The issue with implementing daily caps is that it could lead to more players finding their way to black-market betting platforms. For that reason, perhaps affordability checks could be the solution. Maybe implement daily caps based on the affordability of each customer rather than a blanket cap for all.


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