Astedt Wins WSOP Circuit Ring

‘GGPoker Win Delivers Niklas Astedt’s first WSOP Circuit Ring!’ (image source:

The second day of the 2020 GGPoker WSOPC #13 $10k Heads Up No Limit Hold’em was wrapped in under three hours and Niklas Astedt’s first WSOP Circuit Ring was earned in style. Taking home $348,250 alongside the coveted circuit ring, Astedt had to overcome a field of 94 players including his heads up opponent Mirza Muhovic.

The first day of live poker had narrowed the field of this $1 million guaranteed prize pool event down to the four semi-finalists. The last of the casualties on Day 1 were the four quarter finalists: Wiktor Malinowski, George Wolff, Juan Pedro, and Oliver Weiss. Although disappointed, they would take solace that they were each able to cash $62,188.

Astedt’s first victim of the day was his semi-final opponent was Cooper Li from Malaysia before he defeated Muhovic in the final. Muhovic had just overcome Ian Modder in his semi-final match, and that would guarantee a $199k payout. He would have wanted more, but unfortunately for him, it was not to be as Astedt would triumph in the live poker final.

Niklas Astedt’s first WSOP Circuit Ring – How it Happened

Astedt didn’t have it easy on route to the final as on Day 1 he had to first dispatch Timothy Adams,  Luke Reeves, and Guillaume Nolet to reach the quarterfinals and the money. After defeating Malinowski in the quarterfinals, he made it to day 2 and a live poker encounter with Cooper Li.

Something of an unknown quantity, Li made a good account of himself and was not the rollover that Astedt would have hoped for. Astedt started well enough and forged a decent lead only for Li to double up in a big hand thanks to a straight. Li actually took the lead temporarily before Astedt won a big hand of his own with a full house.

That lost Li half his stack and it was not long before he pushed them all into the middle with pocket threes and a gut-shot straight on a board of 7-5-5-4. Unfortunately for him, Astedt was holding pocket nines, and the river did not deliver the straight for Li.

In the final, Astedt also started strongly against Muhovic. Winning a few hands, he established a decent lead until Muhovic hit a flush on the river to double up. Astedt was now down to half his starting stack and facing an uphill struggle. He did a great job of pushing Muhovic out of numerous big hands to retake the lead.

Muhovic was not about to give up easily, however, and he managed to double up with all of his chips at risk. That was not enough to stop the aggressive onslaught by Astedt who within 15-minutes, again had his opponent on the ropes. Muhovic eventually shoved holding the A-6 which Astedt promptly called with pocket tens.

The community cards were of no help to Muhovic and Niklas Astedt’s first WSOP Circuit Ring, and a payout of $348,250 was confirmed.

WSOPC #13 $10k Heads Up No-Limit Hold’em Final Standings

  • 1st: Niklas Astedt – $348,250
  • 2nd: Mirza Muhovic – $199,000
  • 3rd: Cooper Li – $99,500
  • 4th: Ian Modder – $99,500
  • 5th: Juan Pedro – $62, 188
  • 6th: George Wolff – $62,188
  • 7th: Oliver Weiss – $62,188
  • 8th: Wiktor Malinowski – $62,188

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