Gift & Go Platform Welcomes Playtech Aboard

The Gift & Go platform Welcomes Playtech, a huge coup for a UK start-up that’s a gifting &rewards technology provider destined for the top! (Image by Kim Stiver at

Playtech, a leading live and virtual casino development company that is rarely out of the news these days, has joined the innovative gifting technology platform, Gift & Go. In a move that should reduce operational and logistical difficulties for the company, the firm has admitted its admiration for the innovation and functionality of the platform.

As one of the world’s largest iGaming firms, Playtech is understandably on the lookout for new technologies that can help the products it delivers its customers. The innovative London-based Gift & Go platform is one that the firm believes will enhance, simplify, and offer a more functional way for it to reward its large player base.

Playtech has long been a market leader in both the gambling and financial trading industries. The company holds over 170 licenses, operates in countless regulated markets and provides innovative turnkey solutions to many other big players within the industry. For Gift & Go, a British start-up, to secure such a huge name for its platform, is certainly an impressive feat. Of course, while Playtech’s future is unclear amid takeover bids from multiple companies, shareholders buying enough shares to vote against the sales, and Playtech considering selling off bits of its company, this is a global player of huge magnitude and one that will bring even more focus on Gift & Go.

More About Gift & Go and How Playtech Could Utilise the Platform

Established in the UK, Gift & Go is a platform that integrates with Amazon Business giving its clients access to an enormous range of gifts and rewards they can use as part of their marketing campaigns. The gifting solution will allow Playtech to simplify the process of gifting and rewarding customers while also improving customer retention rates. The company, which has already formed partnerships with global brands, including Apple, Uber, and Best Buy, provides a platform that allows clients to build a marketing campaign, direct customers to a branded microsite to choose a gift which Amazon then ships to them.  It is a streamlined process that stands out due to the sheer number of gift options and rewards available – there are millions of them!

Joe Hall, one of the co-founders of Gift & Go commented that the company was excited about offering its top of the line software to Playtech adding that she believed it will help the iGaming giant to continue to deliver to its customers the best possible service. She added that it was a proud moment to learn that one of the industry’s biggest firms recognised Gift & Go’s commitment to developing outstanding technology.

As for Playtech, the VP of Marketing, Tevor Westacott went on record to say that Gift & Go’s technology had already helped to simplify the operational and logistical aspects of marketing the promotions for its range of brands. He added that he is looking forward to working with the talented team at Gift & Go.

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