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‘Golden Nugget NY iGaming Preparations & Poker Approved in ND!’ (Image source: Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay)

The US iGaming scene is one of the most interesting to watch, and this week was no exception with Golden Nugget NY iGaming preparations in full swing and exciting news confirming North Dakota expects to bring poker and sports betting online in November!

With the states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan reporting impressive revenue and tax figures from online gambling and sports betting, the US market is well on the way to a revival. The tax and employment created in these states have piqued the interest of other states where online gambling still does not feature. As such, the race to submit new legislative bills outlining frameworks to bring online gambling is on with some states already waiting for approval.

In some states, it seems inevitable that online gambling is on the horizon, and with that, US brands such as the Golden Nugget are already preparing for the future introduction of casinos, sports, and poker online.

Golden Nugget Prepares For New York Online Casino Legislation

The Golden Nugget Online Gaming firm listed on the New York stock exchange as GNOG is already preparing itself for new legislation that will allow online casinos to open in New York.

The firm just locked down a deal with Tioga Downs into a 20-year profit-sharing agreement enabling the company to offer online casino gaming and poker to citizens of New York if or when state legislators approve iGaming. Currently, New York only allows retail sports betting and land-based casinos in the state.

North Dakota Joins a List of States to Approve Online Gambling

In North Dakota, legislators join the states of Connecticut, New York, and Indiana in a bid to get iGaming sites off the ground and offering online slots, table games, and poker games to state citizens. Out of the 4 states mentioned here, only Indiana is online with sports betting, while officials are waiting for the approval of an iGaming bill.

Meanwhile, Connecticut, New York, and North Dakota are now in the process of creating a framework for poker, casinos, and sports betting to arrive in their respective state’s online spaces. There are also rumours that Texas will come online in the sports betting arena, but iGaming is not something state bigwigs are fond of.

Interestingly enough, North Dakota is paving a new road in US online gambling here because the state does not have any land-based casinos. In other states, online casinos can only operate in partnership with land-based casinos where the premises are set up with data centres to serve the online gambling community. This way licensing still falls under a single location.

However, in North Dakota, this will not be the case. Online gambling establishments will need to operate purely online only! A workaround being touted at the moment is to join Michigan state in a co-state agreement.

For the time being, the North Dakota House of Representatives already approved the online poker and sports betting bills with an ETA for both coming online earmarked for November this year, while online casinos are still in the wind. That may change if the Michigan/North Dakota idea comes to fruition.

The USA Online Betting & iGaming Market Right Now!

To date, New Jersey and Nevada are the pioneers of what appears to be the inevitable reintroduction of online casinos, poker, lottery, and sports betting. That said, Nevada is still yet to introduce online casinos. Delaware was quick to follow these 2 states back in 2014 and since then, things remained quiet on the iGaming front until Pennsylvania passed legislation and came online in 2019 opening the floodgates for West Virginia (2020) and Michigan (2021) markets to bring online casinos to state citizens.

Online sports betting is much more widespread and apparently acceptable, with multiple states now online with sports betting apps but no iGaming such as poker, casinos, or lottery. It is a real mixed bag at the moment, as most legislation is in the USA because of differing state laws.

As soon as more states come online, as always, we’ll keep you informed about this intriguing market with a potential market reach of 300 million citizens!

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