Indian Authorities Apprehend Three People For Online Gambling With Connections To China

Indian Authorities Apprehend Three People For Online Gambling With Connections To China. The suspects also defrauded many individuals. (Image by Bill Oxford on Unsplash)

Three men have been apprehended in India for cash fraud and online gambling with the gang reportedly operating out of China. Police impounded numerous Paytm barcodes and eight hundred SIM cards from the illegal location in Karimpur, Nadia, after receiving information from neighbouring residents.

The three men were charged with forgery and deception but questioned by Krishnagar district police’s cyber-crime branch have since interrogated them on their connections to online gambling affiliates operating from China. A police officer said the 3 men also claimed they defrauded innocent individuals of their card confirmation values and debit or credit card details and by impersonating bank employees.

A detective said that: The identities of the victims were not immediately apparent, but they took the issue seriously when they noticed numerous cases of illicit gambling with indications pointing to Chinese connections all through the country.

Another police officer who specialises in cyber-crime pointed out that: People carried out illegal online gambling via groups like Telegram or Whatsapp such that the group admins refer the members to websites which they can place bets and play games. To avoid Indian authorities’ surveillance, these sites’ domains are typically hosted in China, and funds are channelled via India-based gateways such as Paytm. To evade scanners of income tax, benefit payments are typically routed to numerous connected bank accounts.

Staying Safe from Debit and Credit Card Fraud When Gambling Online

Lately, there has been a rise in online gambling fraud. This surge was even higher during the pandemic as more people stayed at home. As players, you can stay safe and avoid your credit card falling into the hands of fraudsters by ensuring you only play in licensed and regulated online casino platforms. It is best to aim for those with licenses from the MGA, UKGC, and other similar options. If you reside in a state that requires online live casinos to be licensed too, make sure the casino has a license as well. This ensures it is operating legally and reduces the chances of you losing any funds you deposit. Furthermore, your bank official will never request your card details during a call. Many of the victims, in this case, provided their credit and debit card details believing they were speaking to a bank official. If someone reaches out to you claiming to be a bank employee and is requesting your card details, it is best to end the call and contact your bank directly.

India is becoming a hot topic in online casino and gambling news of late, but not for the wrong reason, and mostly for the right reasons as the country is in the process of setting up legal frameworks for iGaming and sports betting. Right now, there are 100s of online casinos in India accepting players, but the authorities would like to have more control on how these casinos connect with citizens in the country by regulating them to protect citizens of India!

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