Kindbridge and Playtech Partner on New Innovative Gambling Research In The United States of America

Kindbridge and Playtech Partners On New Innovative Gambling Research In The United States of America, to help treat gambling problems. (Image by Dusan Kipic on Unsplash)

Market leader in the financial and gambling trading industry, Playtech has partnered with the first virtual gambler’s mental health clinic in the world, Kindbridge.

Both firms have announced new research that will lead to the establishment of an evidence-based prototype for the treatment of gambling problems in a telehealth location via the Kindbridge Research Institute which was recently founded.

This partnership was signed to employ technological advancements to augment the treatment and understanding of digital dependency and gambling-related harms aimed at improving the efficacy of treatment in a virtual setting.  According to the announcement, the research will focus primarily on gamers’ and gamblers’ mental health and also cater to those who suffer from digital dependency while it will identify how to support and help them. The move will also help Playtech further solidify relationships within the UK as this move comes soon after the UKGC updates to its problem gambling agenda.

The Kindbridge Research Institute has appointed the Center for Gambling Studies at a leading public research university (Rutgers University) in New Jersey, United States of America to establish an evidence-based prototype that can be employed in evaluating the effectiveness of treatment and support towards digital gambling-related harm. This research will permit the use of the data for peer-reviewed research and provide data sets on an unrivaled scale and size when analyzing the population. Kindbridge is currently working in harmony with social impact organizations, insurance firms, and casino operators in the United States of America to provide access to care pathways via telehealth that will remove barriers for gamers and gamblers to resources specially trained to assist them in managing their mental health actively.

The Kindbridge Research Institute will use the support from these organizations to analyze player data as well the data gathered from Kindbridge clinical network to get a better comprehension of the origins of possible harmful gaming and gambling behavior. Furthermore, the Institute will then use the analysis to define customized intelligent approaches to treatment that have been calculated to have the most effect on those seeking help. It is expected that the publishing of this level of insight will be done within 18 to 24 months.

Statement From the Chief Executive Officer at Playtech

Speaking on the development, the Chief Executive Officer at Playtech, Mor Weizer stated that:

The research partnership with Rutgers University and Kindbridge will be very significant in assisting the sector design. Weizer added that the partnership will also play a vital role in delivering mental health support and digital wellbeing of high quality to those affected by and those at risk of gambling-related harm.

In his last remarks, the CEO further stated that Playtech is excited to partner with Kindbridge clinical network and Kindbridge Research Institute as they lead the way for the next generation of gambling support, services, and treatment in the US.

Statement From Kindbridge CEO

Also commenting on the partnership, Kingbridge Chief Executive Officer, Daniel Umfleet said that:

The combination of data from Kindbridge’s clinical network and players will lead to a meaningful insight that will surpass any achievements in the past. Umfleet added that the data scale sets imply that the firm can get an in-depth comprehension of gamblers or gamers who are suffering from harmful gambling traits and the members of their support system who may have also been affected.

In his concluding remark, the CEO noted that the research will allow researchers, academics, data scientists to have better insight on effective treatment and support in a digital ambiance than ever before.

Statement from the Lead Researcher

In his comment about the partnership and research, the lead researcher on the study who is also the Director at the Center for Gambling Studies in Rutgers University, Professor Lia Nower, J.D stated that:

The center is delighted to partner Kindbridge in building an effective and standardized treatment model for problem video gaming and gambling. Also, the Lead Researcher applauded Kindbridge for being the pioneer treatment agency in the United States of America that is solely focused on these areas. Nower concluded that Kindbridge fills an unmet need by delivering treatment whose effectiveness can be tested in this time of brisk expansion.

The world’s leading gambling technology firm, Playtech is also providing digital learning support and expertise to Kindbridge via the partnership from its Playtech Academy. This support is designed to help Kindbridge in building its Internal Learning Management System for internal staff and therapists. Playtech is helping therapists in Kindbridge who often undergo a thorough training schedule to digitize the content.

About Kindbrigde

Kindbridge offers teletherapy of high quality for a wide array of mental health conditions and is particularly an expert in the successful treatment of problematic gamers and gamblers. The firm aims to establish the biggest mental health treatment providers’ network in the US that will offer specialist care for the communities.

About Kindbridge Research Institute

This Institute is the pioneer organization that exclusively focuses on researching access issues, evidence-based outcomes, and treatment modalities faced by individuals when seeking guidance and care for problems that arise from gaming, gambling, and digital dependencies.


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