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In the coming years live casinos will gain more and more popularity among online casino fans. And by 2023 generate $47.5 Billion in revenue. (Image source: Aidan Howe auf Pixabay )

Online casinos have made gambling more convenient for players who prefer to play from home, rather than going into a land-based establishment. Online Casinos did to the gambling industry what Uber did to the taxi industry, and what Airbnb did to the hotel industry. However, with gambling there will always be those that prefer to go to land based casinos simply because they enjoy the experience that land based casinos offer. Whether it be the social aspect of interacting with the dealer and other players or the ambience that the land-based casinos offer, there was simply something online casinos couldn’t match. With the introduction of live casinos however the situation is changing!

Live Casinos to make up half of all online gambling revenue by 2023

Live casinos have given online gamblers that aspect that makes going into a land-based casino so appealing. The Live casino experience is the closest thing that one can get to the real deal while staying at home, and it ha been well received by players. Latest forecasts show that Live Casinos will generate in excess of $47.5 Billion revenue, half of all gambling sales globally, by 2023!

By combining the authenticity of the casino experience and combining it with the convenience of logging in from wherever you find yourself , Live casinos have skyrocketed in popularity. Despite this fact live casinos have also been pushing the boundary of what is possible in the online gambling space.

How does it work?

Using streaming technology online casinos are able to transport players directly into a live game with real dealers. Other casinos have made it possible for players to spin the reels at actual slot machines without actually having to go into the casino. As the technology progresses, we are now seeing innovative bonus features that makes the experience even more interactive. We have even seen live casinos offering some of our most loved games, such as “Deal or no deal” and “Who wants to be a millionaire”, as part of their live casino experience.


With the growing popularity of Live casino games, you are now more likely to find a casino with a live casino option than one without. There has been significant movement in the online casino space with many software providers and casinos forming lucrative partnerships to bring the live casino experience to players across the world. Particularly in areas such as Asia, Ireland and New Zealand the popularity of online casinos has seen a surge, which is undoubtably linked to the introduction of Live Casino options.

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