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‘Live Dealer Gaming Worth 32 Percent of iGaming Market!’ (image source: h2gc.com)

Right now, according to a global study in association with H2 Gambling, the leading market data and intelligence research team in iGaming, confirms that live dealer gaming is worth 32% of the iGaming market!

Now to put a finer point on the subject, in 2012 live casino gaming only held a 10.8% Gross gaming revenue (GGR) market share which at the time was worth €679.4 million. Today that GGR figure is now worth €5.3 billion in an iGaming marketing estimated to be worth €17.7 billion! That is a crazy stat and one that happened in the space of just 8 years. It is a growth figure that means the live casino iGaming market grew 774% in GGR.

Although these figures do not include RNG content on these live dealer platforms, for example, Evolution’s ‘First Person’ RNG table games, the stats still change little because most platforms do not have RNG games on the same platform as their live dealer.

We could count the Playtech Live Buffalo Blitz RNG operated live slot, Evolution’s First-Person titles, and RNG wins from bonus games on Monopoly Live, Crazy Time, and Adventure Beyond Wonderland, but at the end of the day, these games are all still part of the live dealer gaming showpiece.

Live Dealer Gaming Worth 32 Percent of iGaming Market Even with Growth of Video Slots

Despite the growth of software providers and the number of video slots released, the overall growth of the iGaming industry left plenty of room for live dealer gaming to take its piece of the market share pie (chart) so to speak!

Despite live dealer games taking a larger market share over the past 8 years, growth in the other iGaming markets still increased. With the overall iGaming market’s GGR in excess of €17.7 billion, the rest of the market is broken down amongst online poker, lottery, scratch cards, video poker, virtual table games, and video slots. Meanwhile, the total value of the online casino market is estimated to be €55.1 billion, with most of the online gambling taken up by sports betting.

Live Dealer Gaming Market Share Expected to Shrink While GGR Will Grow 38%!

H2 Gambling predicts that live dealer iGaming has reached its peak and although it will lose ground on its market share versus other verticals such as video slot gaming, GGR will continue to increase.

In the next 5 years, although the increases are not so dramatic as over the last 8 years, the live dealer iGaming sector’s GGR will hit €7.3 billion by 2025. That’s an estimated growth of 37.7% over the next 5 years. However, the market share will shrink to 30.1%. Crucially, for those looking to invest in live dealer companies such as Evolution, increasing revenue figures suggest that stocks will also continue to grow.

What’s more is that more land-based casino players are now playing at live casinos, which is down to the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Although a global catastrophe, there is a silver lining here for live dealer brands bringing land-based casino gaming experiences to an online environment.

We also have to consider that the US market is coming online. Or at least most of the US market is already online with sports betting, and we are just waiting for more states to approve online casino licenses.

That said, because of the laws in most states that require live dealer platforms to operate their studios from within licensed casino establishments, this could deter live casino manufacturers from opening a live studio dedicated to a single state leaving some states without live games. On the other hand, we have to factor in turnkey operations offered by live dealer brands such as BetConstruct that could help to exist land-based casino offer their own live dealer games which would add to overall global live dealer gaming revenue.

Live Dealer Gaming Growth Figures 2012 – 2125

Year GGR € Billions (%) Market Share
2012 0.68 10.8%
2013 0.86 12.8%
2014 1.08 13.4%
2015 1.47 16.6%
2016 1.95 19.6%
2017 2.55 22.9%
2018 3.27 27.0%
2019 4.48 33.4%
2020 5.26 32.0%
2021 5.54 31.5%
2022 6.09 30.8%
2023 6.59 30.4%
2024 6.89 30.2%
2025 7.28 30.1%

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