Marcus Boyle Appointed as UKGC's New Chair

Marcus Boyle Appointed as UKGC’s New Chair. He is set to commence his term in Great Britain from the 5th of September. (Image Source:

Oliver Dowden, the culture secretary in the UK has announced new UKGC Chair Marcus Boyle Appointed to replace Bill Moyes, who earlier held the role. This was an anticipated outcome since Boyle was the preferred candidate based on elimination and other factors.

Marcus will commence a 5-year term at the gambling commission in Great Britain from the 5th of September, which is the same day that Moyes’ term comes to an end after assuming the role in 2017. The new chair has a finance background and has served as an equity partner in the past for 2 global professional services businesses. He also recently served as a board member, chief operating officer, and chief strategy officer for Deloitte in addition to chairing the British Drama Academy.

Marcus has been described by the government as one who has extensive change management expertise across both private and public sector enterprises. He will take on the new role with the current review which the government is carrying out on the 2005 Gambling Act and a white paper which sets out a sequence of regulatory amendments expected by 2021 end.

In the last week of August, we reported on the ‘Top Picks for UKGC’s New Governor‘ and it was Marcus Boyle that was the top candidate at that time. The prediction has followed through which means that is end uncertainty and the beginning of a new start for what is said to be the world’s strictest gambling authority, but also one that looks after UK player’s best interests.

A Fair Licensing Authority: The authority regularly fines operators for not toeing the line, for being lax in their efforts to follow the UK Gambling Act’s framework, and it is hot on the subject of identifying problem gamblers, false advertisements, outdated terms and conditions for casino membership as well as bonus deals, and it is also extremely strict when it comes to financial/business etiquette such as keeping player account balances safe and preventing money laundering.

UK Culture Secretary – New Appointment Will Bring Focus

Speaking on the news of the new UKGC Chair Marcus Boyle appointed to shake things up, the UK culture secretary, Dowden described Marcus’ appointment as a significant moment for the gambling commission. He also added that the appointment will bring a new focus and direction for the commission.

Dowden further stated that:

Marcus’ expertise and experience are invaluable as he will steer the gambling commission into a new age of gambling regulation in line with the digital age.

Betting & Gaming Council Chair Delightedly Welcomes Mr Boyle

The Betting and Gaming Council (the industry body) has already welcomed Marcus to his new role with Brigid Simmonds, the council chair congratulating Marcus on the new appointment.

Simmonds stated that:

BCG will keep on working hand-in-hand with the government and the Gambling Commission on the current evidence-led gambling review as part of its continued dedication to high standards on safer gambling.

BCG chair also extended appreciation to Bill Moyes (Marcus’ predecessor) for working with the council over the last 2 years.  Simmond concluded by wishing Bill well for the future.

New UKGC chair Marcus Boyle new role will quickly entail looking to recruit a permanent chief executive, as Neil McArthur has resigned from the commission earlier in the year. After Neil stood down, Andrew Rhodes was appointed to replace him; however, the replacement is in an acting capacity and contract-based. Rhodes formerly worked for DVLA and the Department of Works and Pensions and will now hold the new position he got in June for the next 18 months, after which his contract will expire.

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