iGaming Michigan Revenues

Michigan Online Casinos Generate 42.7 million US Dollars in Just 10 Days! (Image Source: images.unsplash.com)

In just 10 days Michigan online casinos and sportsbooks generated $42.7 million. It is looking likely that the first month’s revenue in Michigan could eclipse New Jersey’s total revenue gained for the entirety of its first 12-months online back in 2013/2014.

These figures show that Michigan is showing early signs that it could become the leading online casino and sports betting market in the USA.

The latest figure released by Michigan casinos and sportsbooks operating online show that the online casino market has already recorded $29.4 million in revenue while sports betting is surprisingly much lower totalling $13.3 million. The Wolverine State is already exceeding expectations smashing through New Jersey’s online gambling market start-up figures recorded 7 and a half years ago, while also beating Pennsylvania’s July 2019 start-up figures!

Huge Indicator for Live Dealer Studios in the USA

For live dealer software manufacturers like Evolution and Ezugi, the figures are a beckoning call to speed up the creation of a live dealer studio in Michigan!

There is a ton of revenue there, but US laws prevent Evolution from using its New Jersey or Pennsylvania studios. That would have been the quick fix solution for getting live games going in Michigan. That leaves only one option, and that is for Evolution to make good on the deal with the Golden Nugget Casino and get that live dealer studio moving pronto.

Love Your Stats?: Check out the statistical comparisons below regarding the Michigan online gambling market. From what we can make out, it may be the second-largest online casino hotspot in the USA, but its fast-rising revenue performance could mean the Wolverine State becomes the most profitable state for online casinos and sportsbetting!

The Wolverine State a Major Player in US Online Gambling!

One of the key points to make here is that we always knew Michigan was going to become a major online gambling hub in the USA.

USA’s Key Markets: There are 3 key states which are New Jersey with a population of 9 million, Michigan with a population of 10 million and Pennsylvania with a population of 12 million.

The only other states all 3 main forms of online gambling are available simultaneously (online casinos, poker, and sports betting) are West Virginia with a population of 2 million and Delaware where the population is 1 million. The latter 2 states were always going to be minor players due to their smaller populations. Contrary to popular belief, Nevada does not allow online casinos with licenses only issued for online poker and sports betting.

US Wide Online Gambling: As for other states, plenty of them have legalised online sports betting but are yet to bring poker or casinos online. Find out more about types of online gambling available in the US!

New Jersey Online Gambling Start-Up 2013 Vs Michigan 2021

In New Jersey, the first month for legalised online casinos was November 2013. It was a slow start with $980 thousand in revenue which was a decent number considering only 4 online casino partnerships were available and the New Jersey online casino market came online in late November. In December 2013 the Borgata/Party, Caesars/Harrah’s/888, Golden Nugget/Betfair, and Trump Taj Mahal/UCasino together recorded $7.4 million in earnings from iGaming.

Throughout 2014 the highest total month’s revenue for New Jersey was $11.9 million, and the average was around $10 million per month throughout the year.

As for New Jersey’s online sport’s betting market, it wasn’t until a few years later and a court case versus the state did online sports betting become legal. In the beginning, getting people to bet online was a painful process but sports betting sites did net $3.5 million in the first month, and by the end of the year sports betting was up to an average of $6 million a month.

All that being said, New Jersey should hold the top spot for quite some time due to the maturity of the online gambling market. See more about New Jersey online casino revenue here.

New Jersey Top Spot: After 7 and a half years in action, New Jersey is recording close to $100 million for online casino slot, poker, and table games. While after close to 2 years of sports betting action online, this market is worth around $60 million per month from sports betting.

Michigan Vs Pennsylvania

At this time Pennsylvania has 12 online casinos operating in the state. This market opened for business in July 2019 and like New Jersey took time to pick up.

Like New Jersey, online gambling in the Keystone State began towards the end of the month recording a total revenue of $2.8 million. While the state’s second month in action still doesn’t close to Michigan’s first 10 days as Pennsylvania’s combined online poker and online casino revenue came to $6.7 million!

Close to NJ: Despite the slow start, online casino table gaming, slots, and poker recorded $81 million in revenue in December 2020. After just under 2 years in operation, Pennsylvania’s online casino gambling revenue is closing in on New Jersey.

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