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In a live casino sphere where new ideas are always welcome, Microgaming has come up with something special via the release of cinematic driven ‘Real Baccarat’. This is no ordinary live dealer table because it still runs off an RNG and is a spinoff from Microgaming’s ‘Real Roulette’ release.

Released on 20 November into the Microgaming collection of table games, Real Baccarat gives players a surreal baccarat gaming experience.

They get the look and feel of a live dealer table with what looks like a webcam streamed operation, but in fact, it is a pre-recorded adaptive gaming environment hosted by a CGI female dealer named Sarati.

Players pitch their baccarat skills in the same way they would play versus a live dealer. In fact, the table is so well presented that it is difficult for anyone to tell that Sarati is actually a cinematic dealer. On top of this, the table also has the advantages of virtual baccarat, as there is no clock. Sarati never forces the next hand so players can play at their own pace while still receiving that live dealer vibe. The game also comes with low to high minimum bets, which is the norm for fully automated casino games that require no human intervention.

Microgaming teamed up with Real Dealer Studios to bring Real Baccarat to the Microgaming table collection, where it fits in as a cross between live dealer baccarat and virtual baccarat. It is very similar to the Evolution ‘First Person’ table game idea, but it takes the concept one step further by using CGI to give players a live dealer game on an RNG operated table.

Cinematic Dealer Offers a Live Dealer Look and Feel

As players on the table to play, they are whisked into a dedicated baccarat studio hosted by the beautiful Sarati wearing all red.

Every hand that a baccarat table might produce using Sarati as the dealer needed recording for this baccarat table to become possible. With the pre-recorded hands, when the RNG selects cards, Sarati will deal the exact cards in the same way you would see a live dealer on a live casino table deal the cards. With this tech in place, everything looks and feels like a live dealer game. The game then uses immersive video camera action. From the cards coming out of the Baccarat shoe which is footage of Sarati physically collecting the cards to close-ups of her delivering the cards to the ‘Player’ and ‘Banker’ hands.

On top of this, Sarati commentates as a live dealer host would, which is yet another functionality of this table that gives players an amazingly real to life live baccarat table experience with a live dealer on an RNG operated game. The only noticeable difference from a live baccarat table here is that there is no live dealer chat to converse with Sarati; although, as chatbots are popular these days and the AI behind them is evolving quickly, chat boxes with AI responses are not out of the question.

Real Baccarat Rules and Gameplay

The rules of baccarat on this table are on par with standard baccarat gameplay and there is also a fun ‘Pair Side Bet’ option.

  • 8 Decks in the Baccarat shoe
  • Cards reshuffle only when 260 cards played
  • Pair Side Bet pays 11-1
  • Tie Hand pays 8-1
  • Banker Hand pays 1-1 (-5% Commission)
  • Player Hand pays 1-1
  • Player Bet: 1.24% (98.76% Theoretical RTP)
  • Banker Bet: 1.06% (98.94% Theoretical RTP)
  • Tie: 14.36% (85.64% Theoretical RTP)

Microgaming Quiet on the live Dealer Scene

Progress on the Microgaming live dealer vertical is quiet these days. Evolution rocketed past Microgaming on this front and there is no sign of at this time of a push to improve the Microgaming live dealer portfolio.

For European players, Microgaming is not available as in 2016 a deal with the then Evolution Gaming made sure that the now Evolution brand serves the European market while Microgaming serves mostly Asian, Latin American, and North American markets.

This year only a single live dealer table entered the current catalogue of games which was the release of ‘Real Auto Roulette’ in early October 2020 while ‘Real Baccarat’ is the second while these games are not exactly the crème de la crème of live dealer gaming as most live casino players not only play for an authentic experience, they also like the fact that results are natural and not produced by an RNG.

Aside from this, the world’s very first online casino and game developer, established way back in 1994 and coming online in 1998, instead has a focus on its progressive jackpot slots and partnering with game development studios such as Neon Valley and Triple Edge which are all purely virtual software-based.

For now, the Microgaming live casino collection remains unchanged but still offers a quality selection of live dealer games.

Microgaming Live Casino Games
  • Live Casino Hold’em Poker
  • Live Roulette
  • Real ‘Auto Roulette’ (RNG Operated)
  • Live Blackjack
  • Live Baccarat
  • Real ‘Baccarat’ (RNG Operated)
Microgaming Studios and Brands
  • Canada
  • Philippines
  • Argentina
  • Playboy branded live casino
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