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Following on from the tremendous success of Real Baccarat with Sarati, Microgaming has just released the latest game in the cinematic, pre-recorded series via CGI Real Roulette with Matthew! Using CGI tech from Real Dealer Studios, this title combines virtual RNG casino table gaming with live table game elements. Real Roulette from Microgaming is the latest of the firm’s RNG titles to get the cinematic treatment and Matthew is the latest live dealer to enter the limelight.

On Real Roulette with Matthew, players can look forward to a never before witnessed surreal roulette gaming experience. From the outside, the game looks like a live-streamed table game, but in fact, all of Matthew’s hosting is pre-recorded. Much like Baccarat with Sarati, players enjoy personal one-to-one interactions with Matthew as if he were hosting the game right in front of you at a land-based casino.

Standard European roulette rules apply and thus players can approach the game in the same way as at a live dealer roulette game. At first glance, due to the high-quality production and impressive CGI effects, it is difficult to tell the difference between this game and many live dealer variants of Roulette. 

Among the benefits of this unique combination includes quicker games. There is no clock or timer putting pressure on players to place their bets. With no other players to worry about, Matthew always waits patiently as the game is centred on you only.

Enjoy a Unique Cinematic Experience Like No Other in Real Roulette with Matthew

As players take their seats in front of their mobile or desktop devices, Real Roulette with Matthew immediately provides a luxury setting for their session of roulette. This is confirmed with the emergence of Matthew, a handsome croupier with a British accent. 

Matthew may be an actual person but he is not really hosting the games. Actually, every possible outcome at the roulette table was pre-recorded. RNG software determines the result of the wheel and whatever your result, Matthew will declare where the ball has landed and what that means for your bets. 

This has all been done in such a way to create an experience closely related to what you might expect in a land-based casino. The only exception is that you are the sole focus of Matthew, your very own personal croupier. Whether you win or lose, the game presents you with a pre-recorded cut scene of Matthew.

Additionally, the cinematic production uses multiple camera angles to showcase the action playing out in front of you. Everything from the spinning of the wheel, the tossing of the ball and where the ball ends up, is delivered using high-quality production techniques. As a player, all you need to do is place your bets, implement your strategy, and enjoy the cinematic delivery on your desktop or mobile devices. 

If you fancy your chances at this new way to play Roulette, Microgaming is set to release the title in conjunction with Real Dealer studios on 25 March 2021!

Real Roulette Rules and Gameplay 

The rules of roulette used on Real Roulette with Matthew are the same found on any standard European Roulette table. All action takes place on a 37-slot European wheel which carries a 97.30% RTP (2.70% house edge).

Real Roulette Quick Facts

  • 37-slots on the roulette wheel
  • European roulette uses a single green ‘0’
  • Coins on Real Roulette with Matthew range from $0.25 to $125
  • Racetrack bets
  • Inside bets such as straight bets, split bets, street bets, and corner bets

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