Microgaming Lucky Showdown Hold’em Poker

Microgaming Releases Lucky Showdown Holdem Poker Promo. Players will spin the wheel for a chance on the prize pool and win €50,000,28! (Image Source: Youtube – Microgaming)

The gaming giant Microgaming recently released a promo video of its upcoming game titled Lucky Showdown Holdem poker. If you have been following this outstanding developer, you will know that all its game releases are top-notch, and we are certain this game will be too.

Not much information has been released yet concerning the game, but we know for sure that it will be released this month after Microgaming announced the title as part of its September new games report in which the poker title is earmarked for a 23 September launch.

Let’ take a look at some of what we know far!

Yee-Ha – A Western Theme, Design, and Gameplay From The Lone Star State

For those of you not familiar with US state nicknames, The Lone Star State is Texas (TX). This Lucky Showdown Holdem Poker game will come with a Texas cowboy theme, as evident in the promo. If you are a fan of the wild west and poker in the state where Holdem originates from, then this is title should be right up your alley. As usual, Microgaming produces its games by putting in maximum effort into the themes, so we are sure to be in for a treat. The soundtrack also aligned with the overall theme, so we expect the same when the game is finally released. The game is played between three players.

When you join a game, you wait for the other players to join, and the game starts once the table is full. Knowing that tons of people love poker, wait times should not be so long for each table. The game also comes with a €10 buy-in which is quite affordable by today’s standards.

Win Big With the Lucky Showdown Holdem Poker Progressive Jackpot

The major selling point this game seems to have is the huge progressive jackpot prize. Players can win up to €50,000 according to the promo but that could be more – we’ll just have to wait and see what the game offers when it is officially on the market! This is huge, and by now, we know this developer does not joke when it involves paying players massive payouts. Three players will stand a chance to battle it out for this massive prize. Players will spin the wheel for a chance on the prize pool, and since it comes with a random prize generator, the outcome is completely random. There is no predetermined winner set, and anyone can be the lucky winner!

Larger prizes are split between players, but if someone manages to win, he/she takes the whole sum. This massive payout can be a life-changer for any lucky player.

Play Poker On The Move or From The Comfort of Your Living Room

Microgaming is a developer that is very particular about making all its game releases available on all devices. As such, you will be able to play Lucky Showdown Hold’em Poker on various devices including PC, and mobile devices running on IOS and Android. These include tablets, phones, iPad, iPhones, etc. Based on the past offerings of this developer, there should be no drop in the quality when playing on both devices. And to make it even easier playing on your mobile, this game allows you to play in portrait mode. This feature will make it extremely comfortable playing on your mobile devices on the go. Everything looks great, even in portrait mode, as the game simply realigns buttons to fit your screen.

Rounding it up: With all these features, we can’t wait for the release of this game, and you most likely can’t either. We will be sure to keep you updated when it is finally out and available to play. Check out the YT video promo here on Microgaming’s official channel – make sure you are logged in to play it as it is only available to over 18s.



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