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888 Holding PLC sets out on a new path into the plains of Africa. Via the new 888Africa brand, 888 brings high-tech iGaming & sports betting to the region! (Image from ainotuominen Pixabay)

Recognising the bustling continent of Africa as a solid route for investment, the highly prolific 888 Holdings PLC (LSE:888) is yet another big-name operator that has announced that it will bring its iGaming and sports betting platform to the region.

The new business enterprise is a joint venture under the brand name 888Africa and in conjunction with 5 industry veterans. Currently, 888 owns a minority stake but could potentially take over 100% should the project prove fruitful. And it shows every sign of doing so after already earmarking market entrance into four African nations.

Each nation has a regulatory framework in place, which fully adheres to 888’s staunch policy to operate in licensed jurisdictions. As a result, 888Africa will enter only regulated markets across the continent as it expands and foots the bill for application and licensing fees.

The distribution of 888 online gambling verticals will operate via third-party technology platforms. The brand will thus benefit from tech partnerships that come with expert local knowledge with custom configurations and designs to suit the target nations. Presumably, this will include introducing games with multiple language settings as citizens in many African countries speak several languages, while local cultural adjustments will be made to enhance appeal as well as to ensure 888 and its partners will operate free of any cultural misunderstandings.

Why Africa? Africa, as a continent, currently boasts the world’s fastest growing economy. Furthermore, its demographics show the continent has the youngest population in the world. High monetary growth, plus a young generation more accepting of the internet and World Wide Web, creates the perfect business climate for future growth in the region for iGaming and sports betting companies.

888Africa Calls on a Host of Industry Veterans with Expertise in iGaming & Sports Betting

The new 888Africa brand will club together with a mixture of industry expertise from those that formerly worked for competitor ‘The Stars Group’, while the new venture will also involve execs from current 888 partnerships across European and other global markets.

  • Ex ‘The Stars Group’ – Chief Marketing & Chief Customer Officer – Christopher Coyne
  • Ex ‘The Stars Group’ – Sportsbook MD – Andrew Lee (now Voxbet chairman)
  • Ex ‘Editec Online’ – Chief Product Officer – Alex Rutherford
  • Ex ‘The Stars Group’ – Sportsbook Trading Director – Ian Marmion
  • Ex ‘Premier Bet’ – CFO – Helen Scott-Allen

CEO of 888 Holdings Plc. Itai Pazner mentioned that 888 Holdings PLC is excited about the 888AFRICA brand and paid compliments to the impressive industry talent that comes with it. He also mentioned that there is high potential for growth before finishing with a positive vibe stating that 888AFRICA is a long-term investment while it will not and does not interfere with 888’s current business objectives in other key markets.

The new CEO of the 888AFRICA brand is Christopher Coyne. He is a former Chief Marketing & Chief Customer Officer of ‘The Stars Group’. In the 888AFRICA corporate announcement, he was also as upbeat as Itai Pazner by mentioning growth as the key to success. With 888 providing his team access to a world-class brand which will broadly support the operation, Coyne said that this enhances confidence in the future prospects of the operation.

888 Continues Expansion: 888 iGaming and sports originally targeted European markets, however, it now has operations in the US State of New Jersey, and recently entered the Ontario iGaming market open today. The expansion into Africa is yet another bold strategic move, and the company clearly has an excellent team lined up to conquer its fourth continent, while its casino is also available in Oceania to New Zealand citizens via its Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) licence.

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