New Jersey iGaming Figures

‘NJ and Michigan iGaming revenue for April 2021 drops as US commercial and entertainment reopens! Also, check out Atlantic City’s revival!’ (Photo by Jeffrey Blum on Unsplash)

It is that time of the month again with state-by-state revenue reports for US iGaming and sports betting rifling their way into the headlines! And, this is a rare report as for once we have declines in revenue to report rather than usual record-breaking month-by-month figures.

In two of the strongest iGaming markets in the US, both of which propelling themselves forward with consistent month-on-month revenue rises, Michigan and New Jersey have finally faltered slightly. Although it sounds like we are making this sound like a good thing, it is just a refreshing change to the norm as we know these markets still have plenty of growth left in them, and should double their revenues over the next year!

New Jersey’s Atlantic City Back To Business as Usual

For the big casino cities like Macau, Las Vegas, and Atlantic City, land-based and retail gambling businesses as well as all the shops and commercial establishments that rely on the walk-in casino player as well as tourism dollars things have not been easy. Out of the 3, the one city that has managed to ride the storm thanks to its liberal online gambling and sports betting laws is Atlantic City!

For those of you that do need some good news, the long-running land-based gambling operations in New Jersey’s Atlantic City remain flamboyant for another month, moving up from $39,237,802 in February, to $49,034,287 and $50,068,463 over March and April 2021! And this is perhaps why New Jersey saw a slight drop off in revenue.

NJ Online Gambling Down $6 Million

It sounds like a lot of money to lose in revenue, but the $5,919,579 downturn in the New Jersey online casino is just a drop in the ocean compared to the $107,749,608 total April revenue recorded. In March lockdown fever saw online casinos busier than ever, drawing in $113,669,187 while in February the figures were $93,810,486! In January the industry took in $103,771,312 which was, of course, a holiday period and lockdowns were also in force which explains the high revenue compared to February which a month is known for people to be more fragile after Christmas and New Year spending.

Michigan Shows an unwavering Down Swing!

However, the drop in Michigan’s iGaming revenue is not something we have not seen before over in New Jersey. Plus, as lockdown eases in the Wolverine State, people are finding themselves with less time on their hands to gamble online now entertainment venues and workplaces are back open.

To put a finer point on it, in April Michigan drew in $94,851,766 from online gambling alone making it the first month to record a decline since the opening of iGaming in the state back in January. In March the revenue was $95,081,592 so we are talking about a drop off of just $229,826. It is not as if the casino industry is in murky waters already! April’s figures are still impressive compared to January and February, which drew in $29,354,295 and $79,729,343 respectively.

Since the Michigan iGaming market opened on 22 January 2021, the total revenue is already up to $299 million. To put that into more perspective, those figures are for 69 days of being open! If the current trend continues, the expected end-of-year revenue will exceed $1.6 billion!

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