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OneTouch is a leading name in live casino software, who aims to bring the highest quality casino experience to mobile users on the go. (Image Source:

If people 20 years ago saw what our mobile devices can do today they would probably fall out of their chair! With each coming year, mobile phones and other handheld devices become more powerful and push the boundaries of what we can do while on the move. As our mobile devices become more capable, people tend to do more on them. Mobile gaming is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to gamble online, which is why online casino operators have begun introducing mobile first content. The rise of mobile online gambling has been simultaneous with the rise of live gaming, and it is this topic that we will delve into in a bit more detail below!

OneTouch is a leading name in live casino software, which has the goal of bringing the highest quality casino experience to mobile users on the go. In a recent interview Petra Poola, who heads up the Business Development department, gave her thoughts on the future of live casino with specific mention to the influence of mobile gaming. In terms of their research, the company has identified a consistent upward trend towards mobile-first casino content, with a massive 70% of the company’s revenue coming from mobile devices!

Interestingly they have identified that in emerging economies they have essentially skipped PC gambling and have moved straight to mobile. This is due to the fact that mobile devices have become more powerful and costs less, making it readily available to lower-income households. With emerging markets making up a huge percentage of the global population this is of course big business for online casinos wishing to tap into this new market. Now, when you introduce live casino content this of course takes the situation to an entirely new level.

OneTouch is a great example of a forward-thinking company that has identified where we are headed in the new future. By adopting a mobile first approach they are in a very strong position in tapping into new markets where mobile gambling is set to be huge. Even though the current global situation indicated that on-the-go gambling should decrease being more people are forced to stay at home, the opposite is true. People nowadays enjoy gambling on mobile even if they are at home because it is simply more convenient. They have introduced some cool features that bring us closer to a truly interactive live casino experience such as live chat, which enables players to talk to one another.

With the improvement of mobile casino content, as well as new features that improve the quality of the live casino experience, we are sure that live casino operators such as OneTouch are up for big things.

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