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Playtech Money Drop Live Game Show Out Now. This remarkable live release was developed in collaboration with Endemol Shine. (Image Source:

Playtech has released yet another amazing Live casino game for lovers of live casino games titled The Money Drop Live! This remarkable live release was developed in collaboration with Endemol Shine. And unlike many of the other releases out there, this game takes a unique approach. It offers you your winnings before you begin the game then pits you in a challenge to retain as much as you can. This is done through a Cash Clash bonus round or Money drop rounds.

If you are a slot lover, you would probably have heard about the Money Drop Video slot from Playtech. This game alongside the live variant is inspired by the ‘The Million Pound Drop’, a television quiz show in the UK that gives contestants money which they try to hold on to all through money drop rounds. Players can win either a place in the Cash Clash bonus round or a multiplier between 8 and 2500 times after the wheel is spun by the live host when the players place their bet. Players in the Cash Clash bonus round can get up to 1000 times their stake.

Similarly, players can see their multipliers doubled by random drops which can also give them an extra safe zone in the money drop rounds of the game. The Money Drop Live Gameplay is an addition to the recent push by Playtech into the live casino area of the iGaming industry. Evolution, a leading specialist in live dealer previously dominated the market with amazing titles like the recent Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, Mega Ball, Dreamcatcher, Monopoly Live, and Crazy Time. Playtech has however shown its excellence with the launch of Adventures Beyond Wonderland while following it up with the release of another title, The Money Drop Live game show which is set to record the same or even greater success as Adventures Beyond Wonderland.

How to Play The Money Drop Live!

One major standout thrill of this new title is that players can walk away from every single bet with money if they employ the right strategy; that is, by covering all bases and playing extremely conservatively. On a lighter note, players can still win massive payouts if they have luck even if they are more inconsiderate. Players simply have to choose the segment of the big wheel where they want to place their bets on at the start of a new round. The 54-segment wheel has the following segments:

The Money Drop Live (1)

The Money Drop Live (2)

Players can wager on any of these segments as they like, however, players are guaranteed a place in either the Cash Clash bonus game or the Money Drops (the rounds depends on the segment that came in) if they cover all the segments.

  • Card Clash: three segments and takes the player to a bonus game
  • 2500x: one segment that comes with three drop rounds
  • 1000x: three segments which come with three drop rounds
  • 250x: three segments which come with two drop rounds
  • 100x: seven segments which come with two drop rounds
  • 30x: six segments which come with one drop round
  • 15x: eleven segments which come with one drop round
  • 8x: twenty segments which come with one drop round

The live host will spin the big wheel to decide where it ends up once the players have placed their bets. A player can get into the Cash Clash bonus round and also get the multiplier attached to the winning segment he had bet on. The player will hope to win or at least tie once from 3 hands to win a multiplier in the Cash Clash bonus round while he has to service the Money Drop so that he can hold on to many possible wins for the multiplier segment.

Segment Probability (%) RTP (%)
Cash Clash 5.55 96.48
2500x 1.85 94.04
1000x 5.55 94.01
250x 5.55 94.01
100x 12.96 96.01
30x 11.11 96.25
15x 20.37 96.25
8x 37.03 96.02

The Money Drops Rounds

One aspect of this amazing live game show is that it is the player’s responsibility to try and hold on to the upfront cash win he now has. The player gets a win straight away instead of building it up and he just has to ensure that he does not lose the cash win. This round works by having players choose one of the 4 platforms where they can place their cash while they can equally spread the cash across all 4 to cover their bases.

Players choose 1, 2, or 3 platforms if they want to take a risk for extra money such that 3 of the platforms will drop away at the end of the timer, taking any money with them while players will take the money on the remaining platform. What’s more, players will have to play two or three money drop rounds when they land the higher multipliers on the wheel, so they need a bit of luck to keep hold of their full win while they can still take home a profit if they employ a conservative strategy.

The Card Clash Bonus Game

The Money Pit wheel has only 3 Card Clash segments, but players can go to bonus rounds that pit 1 half of the players against the other if the player’s bet on the Cash Clash segment comes in. Furthermore, the player can choose the side they want to be on (pink or blue) while the host will draw a card for each of the sides and the side that has the highest card will win the round. A player’s chosen side will have to win one of the available 3 rounds at least to win a multiplier of his stake.

A player will get a 95x multiplier when they win all three rounds, 15x when they win twice, and 5x when they win once. It is also possible that a player’s side will not win any rounds such that the player will lose everything when this happens. The best result a player can get here is when all 3 rounds end in a tie such that everyone gets a massive payout of 1000 times the stake. The highest win possible on The Money Drop by Playtech is 5000x but it largely depends on a 2x multiplier (randomly decided before the drop rounds) applying to the 2,500x segments. On the other hand, the lowest win possible in this new game is 5x which can be gotten when a player wins one round in the Card Clash bonus.

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