Pragmatic Play Donates over 40k Euros

Pragmatic Play Donates over 40k Euros To Good Causes In Romania, Gibraltar, And Malta In The Third Quarter of 2021. (Image by Markus Winkler on Unsplash)

Pragmatic Play, a provider of top content to the iGaming industry, has donated more than 40000 Euros to 5 causes across Romania, Gibraltar, and Malta as part of its commitment to give back to the communities where its offices are located. The firm also donates to recognize the difference that non-profits and charities make in helping those in need. Pragmatic Play is on a mission to actively contribute to society and assist the missions of agencies, groups and others who put in so much effort to make the world better each day. Below is a summary of the firm’s recent CSR activities:

Homeless Animal Hospital in Romania

After an earlier contribution, Pragmatic Play donated a sum of 7,000 Euros to the Homeless Animal Hospital’s team (outside Bucharest in Romania). The team at the hospital cares for homeless animals and provides medical treatment to them since they do not have owners or anyone to cater for them. Pragmatic Play’s representatives saw the team’s immense work in ensuring that the animals have a better quality of life by showing them a small amount of affection and love.

ANAIS Association in Romania

Founded by the end of 2011, the ANAIS association has a primary goal of promoting, defending and respecting the rights and privileges of young people and abused children and women. Because of its giant stride and beneficial purpose, the ANAIS association received a donation of 10000 Euros from Pragmatic Play. The team at the association was so generous that they even offered Pragmatic Play something in return. Ladies at Pragmatic Play were given a free workshop on education and information to combat and prevent violence against women. The top provider hopes that its donation to the ANAIS association will greatly assist the latter in its fight to prioritize women’s rights at both nationals and local levels.

Step Up for Parkinson’s In Malta

Representatives from Pragmatic Play visited the team at Step Up For Parkinson’s at its Malta-based centre. They expressed delight in the team’s terrific work in supporting and raising awareness for people who suffer from the aftermath of Parkinson’s disease. The team acknowledges how people’s lives are affected by the effect of the disease, so it employs an innovative approach by hosting free dedicated movement classes for those who suffer from the disease. These classes often engage the sufferers in general movement, dance, and light exercise, thereby giving them a reason to smile and create a good feeling. Pragmatic Play donated 5000 Euros to the foundation to support them in bringing an improved quality of life to people in the local Malta community affected by Parkinson’s disease.

YMCA (also in Malta)

YMCA is a non-governmental organization in Malta that provides socially disadvantaged and homeless communities with shelter and other basic and social services. The NGO was also a beneficiary of Pragmatic Play’s donation as it received 10000 Euros from the renowned provider. YMCA Malta offers the underprivileged a range of services, including counselling services, food schemes, opportunities to get jobs/work, and so much more. The NGO is doing a good job in reintegrating and assisting homeless communities in Malta.

Speaking on the donation to YMCA Malta, Chief Executive Officer at Pragmatic Play, Julian Jarvis, stated that:

People from various backgrounds and all walks of life have faced several challenges, especially in the past 18 months. Still, the homeless community has suffered even more.

The CEO continued that YMCA Malta fits perfectly into Pragmatic Play’s donation as it focuses sharply on mental health being than ever before. Jarvis also noted that YMCA Malta is renowned for the spectrum of services it provides to disadvantaged people in Malta.

Calpe House In Gibraltar

Pragmatic Play donated 11000 Euros to the team at Calpe House in Gibraltar, which provides support and accommodation for escorts and patients sent to the United Kingdom under the Health Authority of Gibraltar. Calpe House will use the donation from Pragmatic Play to construct a specialized business suite at 19 – 23 Norfolk Square in London (its business location). When the business suit is completed, sponsored patients and their escorts will have a space to carry out their remote work when away from Gibraltar. The goal of the business suit is to enable tech capabilities and remote working, which aligns with Pragmatic Play’s values as it is a digital business. Currently, Pragmatic Play provides five new slot titles every month. Also, it delivers Bingo and Live Casino products to clients via its multi-vertical offering available through one single API integration.


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