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Pragmatic Play Sponsors Safe Gambling Week in UK & Ireland

The Pragmatic play brand is spreading its wings with new live dealer games, a flurry of new online slots, continued expansion into continental markets, but with its growth Pragmatic Play is also heavily involved in corporate social responsibility, and is currently one of the proud sponsors of the 7-day Safe Gambling week currently in action across the UK and Ireland.

Dubbed SG Week 2020, the virtual event is running from 19 November until 25 November. It will bring together some of the top affiliates, regulators, aggregators, and operators in the iGaming business to discuss new ways to help promote safe and responsible gambling to improve on existing systems that are there to protect those that a susceptible to the negative influences gambling has.

In addition to firms that supply online gambling services, organisations that deal directly with players with gambling problems such as charities will also be involved giving way to the slogan ‘get everyone talking’.

This is a unique event and one that is set to become a regular one on the iGaming and sports betting calendar. Both the UK Gambling Commission and BeGambleAware are also involved in a bid to help the UK and Ireland improve regulations, increase awareness of how to gamble responsibly, and enhance the industry’s reputation.

A key objective here is to discuss the tools and software available to help players while also educate them to not fall into bad habits and make what should be a fun hobby a problem hobby which is a sad reality for a small percentage online gamblers.

Safer Gambling Week Sponsored by Pragmatic Play

One of Pragmatic Play’s objectives is to tackle the negative effects gambling as well as to educate players how to gamble responsibly. As part of their bid to promote safer gambling, Pragmatic Play is the proud sponsor of ‘Safer Gambling Week’.

The initiative also directs players to helplines and resources and telephone so players are aware that help is available should they feel that they may have an problem with gambling. Pragmatic Play is encouraging operators and aggregators to join the brand in promoting the SG Week 2020

Already on the Pragmatic Play website home page there are links to the event while operators that stream Pragmatic Play live dealer casino games as well as its RNG virtual casino games are also adding links to the website.

SG Week 2020 Training Activities

SG Week 2020 week is only 1 small week out 52 weeks a year of constant work in an effort to evolve this event. Sticking to the ‘Get Everyone Talking’ slogan, the training activities involved everyone. Plus, there are a host of free e-learning courses.

Training Activities Include

  • Teachers
  • Parents
  • Universities
  • Police, Prison and Probation Services
  • Sports Organisations
  • Homeless Practitioners
eLearning Courses
  • Understanding and Responding to Gambling-Related harms
  • Brief Intervention – A Guide for Professionals
  • Problem Gambling – Awareness
  • Problem Gambling – Identification and Brief Advice
  • Understanding Safer Gambling and Safeguarding in a Gambling Environment

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