Quik Gaming offers Players Both Live and Single Player Experiences

Quick Gaming has developed Single Player and live versions of their games to ensure players get an experience like no other. (Image Source: quikgaming.com)

Ever since its inception, Quik’s Gaming goal was to develop games that were unique from the other options on the market. This is not a mere marketing strategy since their Unique Live Games have been able to do justice to this goal. If you have followed slots from the early days, you can attest to the boost in player experience combined with the live element. This brought players the best of both worlds alongside an amazing casino experience. However, Quik gaming has taken things further and developed Single Player and live versions of their games to ensure players get an experience like no other.

Statement from Quik’s COO

Timothy Bartolo Parnis, Quik’s Gaming COO, elaborated on the numerous benefits of this development. He stated that:

In Single Player Mode, players could easily place bets and spin without having to wait for other players to place their bets or countdown timer like what you would typically find in other games.

The COO also stated that it offered players instant satisfaction, making the game faster and more exhilarating. He added that for operators, it gives them an edge since they can provide live games in markets where it is not allowed, giving it a more exclusive feel to such players, and can even come with lower bet limits.

Jade Pecorella, one of Quik’s Gaming Game producers, went on to explain why the company aimed to developed two versions of the games. She stated that it was vital to Quik that players had the best game experience when they played their releases. She further added that they made sure they matched the live environment they displayed on their Livestream with the Single Player experience, alongside improved visuals that give players the feeling of being in control of their gameplay.

Jade summed it up by saying that they cater to all players via this method, regardless of if they are playing from home on their computer or phone or if they are doing so on the move. According to her, the Single Player gives players the chance to balance their everyday routine with their love for online gambling, without the need to follow the timer that comes with betting rounds in live games.

The Excitement of Live Games

Each game developed and released by Quik Gaming has the live component at the foundation. However, it is in a manner that is unique from what players are used to seeing in live games and game shows. Since its inception, the aim of Quik Gaming has been to provide a live studio game environment that had no dealers. Instead, it aimed to incorporate aspects of lotto and slots, thus offering all players the best entertainment experience, regardless of if they were live, slot, or lotto players. Quik makes this possible via its live equipment that operates from its ground-breaking studio. Whether through their appealing live wheel or live machine, the draw machines have no human involvement, which means there is no possibility for mistakes. This innovation implemented in the manner the draws are carried out implies that the game’s integrity is undamaged, which is what makes Quik stand out.

Quik’s COO, Timothy, further went on to explain that it is not compulsory for presenters to make conversations since the games are interactive, fast, and extremely engaging for players, which means players need no help to remain engaged. He also added that the games are engaging and simple, and players don’t need the assistance of a presenter to teach them how to play or inform them about the results. Instead, they can pay attention and have fun with their game.  Also, Live games offer the feeling that comes with a real studio with actual draw machines shuffling balls or a spinning wheel to offer results so players can enjoy an actual live stream in the best quality and enjoy an amazing experience. Timothy also added that operators would enjoy the benefits that come with such live content.

He went on to note that Quik Gaming combines the experience that comes with a variety of games, thus developing exclusive content that is not offered by others. The games are dynamic, fast, and come with numerous layers of playability which is something that has never been experienced.

Finding the Ideal Option

Jade explains that the Single Player games are built around the Live games. She stated that:

The Single Player games are a great way for players to understand the workings of the game since they are in charge of their experience with the help of a single button. Players have access to a Go LIVE button feature, a feature that is unique to all Quik’s Single player games that will take players to the Live game without issues.

Both game versions come with the same gameplay and rules, with the only difference being in the Wheel of Fire. For instance, in Single Player, the wheel is animated with appealing visuals, and the player can control the timing of the spin. While in the Live game, Quick live video streams its personalized wheels, which only spins when the timer reaches zero.

Jade added that Quik games are ideal for every type of player and that with both the Live games and Single-player options, they offer players a land-based casino experience, alongside the bonus games typically found in slots to the Live experience. Jade concluded by stated that Quik mixes up the familiar feel of a live casino environment alongside amazing bonuses and huge wins, along with characters that players know and find relatable.

Quik Promises to Offer More

Players can expect more from Quik beyond a live wheel and lotto roulette machine. They presently have a game in the works titled Race for Cash, which is on its own level in numerous ways. The game uses a fantastic draw machine that is shaped like a racetrack. This is a concept that is totally new on the market, and Quik is anticipating the moment it can unveil this game. Players can also expect game elements that consist of bonus features and slot elements in all their coming games. They will all offer a Single Player and Live version, and this ensures that customers get something unique, fun, and the ideal fit for them.


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