Quik Gaming Releases Wheel of Fire: Single and Live Player

Quik Gaming Releases Wheel of Fire: Single and Live Player. The game combines the best of slots and Live Gaming to offer a unique experience. (Image Source: quikgaming.com)

In an official press release, Quik Gaming has announced the launch of Wheel of Fire: Live and Single Player, a fortune-filled, exciting, and visually enticing game that is the first of its kind. This new release will boost the already growing live and single-player games collection of this developer.  The game combines the best of slots and Live Gaming to give players a unique gaming experience. Quik Gaming’s team put in a lot of hard work into building this game that is new and fresh to the market. Wheel of Fire blends the world of feature-packed slots with the achievements of money wheel games.

Players are guaranteed a remarkable entertainment experience with a variety of incredible actions, stunning animations, and bonus rounds that Wheel of Fire features, together with a massive win of up to 1000 times Multiplier. This new release was designed with the player in mind such that they can choose between Wheel of Fire: Live or the immersive Single Player version. The former employs the in-studio Live Wheel to give players a live feeling of thrill.

Both versions feature 4 animated bonus rounds filled with adventure as well as Quik Gaming ninja hero Kit. Players of Wheel of Fire can swap between Live and Single player when they click on the ‘Go Live’ button just like all other Single Player version games from Quik Gaming.

How The Game Is Played

As the name implies, Wheel of Fire is a dynamic game centered on the magic of fire, such that every spin of the wheel brings the fire to life. Players in this game place bet on parts of the wheel as the wheel turn during each round. They will then spin their luck for a chance to enter one of the four action-packed, incredible bonus games which are shown by the lit-up segment. The bonus round activates a special game bonus each time and offers players an entertaining twist. The 4 animated bonus games are stunning maps that go by the names of Wildfire, Ember, Tyre, and Blaze built around the adventure of the game’s fiery hero – Kit, who is set to become the best ninja of them all.

Players are taken to wild adventures on the bonus maps that are differently colored (red, purple, orange, and yellow) as they move to the bonus game. Kit will try to unlock Extra Spins, Power-Ups, Multipliers, and more in the bonus maps. The red map is the Fire Round where things turn wild displaying immersive and beautiful animations to bring the game to life and get players thrilled like never before. Players can trigger this round at random as the wheel spins to allow the players to enter the biggest-awarding bonus game. The bonus games also feature a wheel that spins randomly to decide the number of moves around the map that Kit will make to boost the possibility of getting huge prizes.

Statement From Quik Gaming Game Producer

Speaking on the new release, Quik Gaming Game Producer, Jade Pecorella stated that:

Wheel of Fire truly blends all types of games into a single entertaining game at player’s reach. She added that Wheel of Fire reflects the company’s goal to do things differently.

In her last remarks, the Game Producer further stated that Quik Gaming is committed to creating the best gaming experiences for all its players and that Wheel of Fire is the first to achieve that mission. She concluded that more of such amazing games will come up in due course.

Quik Gaming got its UKGC license barely a month ago and it does not seem to be taking a pause in its goal to provide players with amazing gaming experiences.

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