Real Dealer Studios CGI Turbo Auto Roulette

The brand new CGI Turbo Auto Roulette by Real Dealer Studios includes fun ‘007’ and ‘Snake Bets’ as well as a racetrack. (Image from

The Real Dealer Studios CGI (Cinematic) table game developer is relentless in its quest to beef up its already meaty RNG table game collection. This time around, after spoilers for the up-and-coming Dealers Club Roulette, the brand took us by surprise. It is a fresh roulette game thanks to a new set of never seen betting options like the 007 or snake bets—read on to find out more.

Although we had an inkling that the new CGI Turbo Auto Roulette title was coming on the brand’s YouTube channel, the exact time of its release came around so quickly—how time flies—forgive the pun.

If you enjoy playing live auto-roulette, the new Real Dealer Studios CGI Turbo Auto Roulette is just as exhilarating taking you into a Sci-fi roulette world complete with a neon-filled backdrop in a dark setting giving what I like to call that velvety land-based casino feel. As a result, you get to play like a VIP on a European Roulette table with high-speed gameplay—hence the name ‘Turbo Auto Roulette’.

With the European wheel, you still get the favourable maximum RTP of 97.30% over 37 number sections on the wheel with a single-zero and number 1 to 36 to wager inside straight, split, street, corner, basket, and double street bets. Plus, there are the usual outside bets with high/low, even/odd, and red/black paying even odds and column as well as section bets paying 2-1.

  • Section Bets: If you are a fan of section betting, check out the racetrack, which gives you Les Orphelins, Tiers Du Cylindre, and Les Voisins Du Zero, as well as other neighbours’ bets.
  • 007 & Snake Bets: To add to the exciting flavour of this brand’s innovation, Real Dealer Studios has added a unique set of betting options. Head over to the ‘Special Bets’ section where you can wager all red or black split bets or place your chips on the ‘007’ bet, which will literally write 007 across the betting board using your chips. Adding to this, there is a snake bet zig-zagging across the table, and the Les Orphelins and Tiers Du Cylindre bets are also outlined here.

This certainly is something different to try out. It uses a roulette wheel using the trademark cinematic production we are accustomed to from this developer and gets high praise from use, and of course from Shane Cotter, Chief Product Officer at Real Dealer Studios. His take on the new Turbo Auto Roulette release is published right here on the software developer’s news piece announcing the Real Dealer Studios CGI Turbo Auto Roulette release.

When will Real Dealer Studios win an award? Quite when we see the brand pick up a prestigious RNG Casino Supplier of the Year award at an event such as IGA I can’t say, but I am sure the brand will come up trumps any time soon.

Is Real Dealer Studios a Live Casino Software Provider or Game Developer?

Time and again, Real Dealer Studios is quoted as not being a live casino brand, but its CGI tech certainly gives that live game look and feel. Is that an excuse to include the brand in our news? Yes, it is. Besides, we are all about table games, especially when it comes to roulette. And with Real Dealer Studios, I can’t help but be impressed with every game it releases despite the fact that, yes, they are RNG (random number generator) operated.

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