Real Dealer Studios Enters Switzerland Market

Real Dealer Studios Enters Switzerland Market. Now operators will be able to provide live titles from this developers to players. (Image Source:

Real Dealer, the renowned developer of unique live casino games, has been trying to expand its reach in the market.

This will give it the opportunity to compete with other major developers like Pragmatic Play, which has constantly been extending its reach globally.

Real Dealer games are unique and made from high-definition clips of play and dealers, recorded and then incorporated into the RNG gameplay to provide a seamless and smooth experience on devices at each moment.

Unlike other live games, this developer uses film directors, professional actors, and post-production crew to offer production value of Hollywood standard.

One of the major aims of this developer now is to extend its reach to players around the world. First, let us take a look at some of the past efforts of this developer to make this goal a reality.

Real Dealer Studios Impressive Expansion To Date

Earlier this year in February, Real Dealer studios offered its full collection of games to operators running using the SoftSwiss platform. SoftSwiss powers numerous operators and studios in Sweden, Estonia and Belgium, which will help Real Dealer Studios infiltrate those markets.

In May, the developer got the required certifications to launch its leading titles in the Italian market, bringing it slightly closer to its goals. Later in June, the developer attained the needed certifications to enter the Spanish market. It further strengthened its aim by releasing the first of three Spanish roulette games, with promises to release the remaining two towards the end of the year.

Based on a Real Dealer news report released on the developer’s website last week, it has managed to get the required certifications to kick off its Fortune Finder and Roulette games in the Swiss market. With this groundbreaking move, the developer will be able to provide operators with some of its leading roulette titles. Some of these include recent releases like Real Auto Roulette, Real Roulette with Dave, and many others.

Outlook for the Future: Going by the history of this developer, we are certain that this is not all it has up its sleeve for expansion this year. Presently, it operates in numerous markets, including Spain, Switzerland, Italy, to name a few. The year is almost at an end, and we can’t wait to see what this developer does with the time left this year.




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