Gambling Commission shows drop in GGY

Reports From the Gambling Commission Shows A Drop In GGY And Active Accounts. The report aims to show the impact of lockdown measures. (Image by Chris Liverani on Unsplash)

According to the recent data report from the Gambling Commission, GGY (Gross Gambling Yield) and active accounts have reportedly recorded a decline from March 2020 to May 2021.

Gross Gambling Yield decreased by 5% and active accounts decreased by 14% while total bets remained at a parallel level.

Similarly, slots Gross Gambling Yield increased from April to May, recording 211 million Euros with the number of active players decreasing by 5% and spins increasing by 2%. There was a 1% decrease in the number of online slots sessions that last longer than 1 hour with 20.7 minutes recorded as the average session length; about 9 percent of all slot sessions lasted over an hour. These figures include figures for online casinos in the UK only.

This data released by the Gambling Commission is aimed at revealing how the evolving lockdown measures put in place because of Covid-19 have influenced online gambling traits in Great Britain. However, the Gambling Commission advised against making year-on-year comparisons between the months in 2021 and that of 2021 because of the different operating circumstances in both years.

2020 was plagued by the deadly Covid-19 pandemic, which necessitated the need for lockdown measures, part of which included the closure of business venues. Thus, many businesses were temporarily closed last year until the lockdown was eased.

Recommendation from The Gambling Commission

The Gambling Commission also implored operators to step up vigilance going forward, adding that it acknowledges the fact that the UK is entering a different phase now as lockdown continues to be eased in phases. The body also added that it continues to expect heightened vigilance from operators because the circumstances affect consumers in diverse ways as many of them will still feel exposed because of the duration of the pandemic period amid further uncertainty about their financial or personal circumstances.

According to the Gambling Commission, it is likely that many consumers may have taken up new gambling habits and routines during the lockdown period and it may be difficult for them to change such habits as things gradually return to normal and normal spending on other needs resume.

The commission added that some of the consumers might find it very challenging, so it is vital that operators monitor their consumers’ activities to identify those in this category and help them. This is also coming after research from the Gambling commission showed that Gambling adverts were influencing gambling activities among players.

About The Gambling Commission

The UK Gambling Commission is a regulatory body in Great Britain responsible for regulating most gambling types including The UK National Lottery. The regulatory body also issues licenses to game suppliers, providers, and developers, and other businesses dealing with gambling operating in its jurisdiction.

License is given to only firms that have met the set requirements and criteria. The UK Gambling Commission also exists to safeguard the public, particularly the players by ensuring that gambling is safe and fair.


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