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‘SA Gaming Release Live Sic Bo & Dragon Tiger in Time for New Year!!’ (image source:

Both Live Sic Bo and Dragon Tiger Live are recently announced new additions to the SA Gaming live casino collection giving players at SA Gaming casinos 2 simple but fun game titles to indulge in while celebrating the New Year.

Sic Bo and Dragon Tiger are popular table games in Asia! SA Gaming is now bringing them into its SA Euro portfolio where earlier this month the brand also released 2 new live baccarat tables to its Euro collection, bringing the total number to 10 live baccarat games available to players on the continent. Baccarat is also popular in Asia and so with Sic Bo and Dragon Tiger alongside it, SA Gaming hopes to build a loyal following and establish itself in the European market bringing in its Asian influence.

Live Sic Bo

Some say that Sic Bo is roulette with dice. In many respects, the games have their similarities. You can bet on even odds options such as high-low or odd-even, plus there are numerous options to bet on other numbers. There are 3 dice rolled and players can bet on the total of all 3, whether 2 of the dice will produce the same number (double), or whether all 3 dice will produce the same number (triple). The later could earn players up to 150x their bet!

Dragon Tiger Derives from Baccarat

As Baccarat is so popular with SA Gaming fans, the firm has moved into creating a simpler variant of the game. Dragon Tiger has ‘Banker’ = ‘Dragon’ and ‘Player’ = ‘Tiger’ bets. There is also a tie bet. Players place their bets, and 1 card is dealt to both the ‘Dagon’ and ‘Tiger’ positions. Then, quite simply, the highest card wins the hand. In this version of the game, the poker ‘high hand’ ranking system comes into play. For example, 10 cards are ‘not’ counted as ‘0’ as they are in Baccarat. Therefore, a King beats a 9, and it also beats a Queen, and so on.

SA Gaming brings its Asian expertise into Europe via Vivo Gaming

SA Gaming conquered the Asian market with a simple approach—integrity. It is its trustworthy brand image that brought the firm to cross paths with Vivo Gaming and strike a deal to bring SA Gaming tech and live tables to the European market. Via Vivo Gaming’s Bulgaria studios, SA Gaming now has 10 baccarat tables, 1 live European table, 1 Sic Bo, and 1 Dragon Tiger table.

Even though the studio is Bulgaria and serves Europe, the same tables are also available in some Asian countries. Meanwhile, the SA Gaming studio in Asia will also continue to operate serving only the Asian online casino market. However, its multi-national Bulgarian set up will give Asian players a wider choice of live table games, plus European player the chance to play live game the Asian way!

Rising Out of Asia as a Live Casino Manufacturer Prodigy

The SA Gaming brand is well-known across Asian markets and extremely popular in South East Asian markets where mobile gaming is the preferred way to play online casino games. Against all the odds, this live casino manufacturer brought trust and stability to the Asian gambling market where regulations and licensing are not always clear cut and, in some countries, joining online casinos hindered by corrupt third parties.

Introducing live table games was the best way to get around some of the mistrust in regional online casino markets in Asia–especially in South East Asia. This is a place where quite a few RNG games are fixed to benefit casinos that are operating illegally and without a license, which occurs often in countries where online gambling is illegal, yet online casinos are still accessible. SA Gaming cracked the market with its integrated approach and the fact that it meant the risk of running into fake RNG operated virtual tables was eliminated. Asians quickly adopted the brand, which is an expert in offering table games adored by players in the region!

Now SA Gaming release Live Sic Bo and Dragon Tiger into Europe, it also means Asian players have a wider selection of games while European players have access to Asian style table games!