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A recent SOFTSWISS client satisfaction survey has concluded, with the game aggregator revealing the results that tell of areas of importance (Image from Mohamed Hassan at

In a recent client survey conducted by SOFTSWISS, information has come to light that will no doubt help the leading game aggregator move forward and improve on its service. SOFSTSWISS is a game aggregator that integrates software from a host of providers, such as Play’n GO, NetEnt, Microgaming, and Playtech. The survey was produced to gather results that would show how satisfied clients are with what they have received, why they chose SOFTSWISS in the first place, as well as what they consider the most, and least when choosing a game aggregator.

Why Choose SOFTSWISS – What Makes a Game Aggregator Appealing?

Choosing a game aggregator is not just a case of choosing the one that has the ability to supply the largest number of games (although that is a factor), but there are a whole host of other reasons for a client to choose an aggregator. According to the survey results, clients seek an aggregator that will quickly respond to an issue, as well as offer a swift resolution. As previously mentioned, games are not the be-all and end-all to a decision, but they certainly are a key factor in why a client would choose a particular game aggregator. Additionally, clients also want to see flexibility when it comes to the terms of service.

A Final Consideration: In quite a surprising revelation, the survey results showed that licencing was of least concern, together with how many positive reviews the company has received, and the certificates into regulated markets.

The Importance of a Strong Relationship – Playing The Long Game

For maximum profits, a casino will need to be in business for the long term, which is why having a strong relationship with a game aggregator can be priceless. Businesses will often make a decision based on emotions, as it was revealed in the client survey. Firstly, clients will look for a game aggregator where they will have ease of access to the account manager. Secondly, a client will look for an aggregator that is capable of meeting the needs of its business, as they look for a tailor-made service. Lastly, when it comes to emotions, a client would much rather have a long-term partnership, so they will look for an aggregator that is able to move with technology and constantly update its services to meet the demands of the market.

According to the results, a client considers prestige as the least important attribute of a game aggregator.

Ending a Relationship – The Reasons Why a Client Would Look to End a Relationship with a Game Aggregator

Game aggregation is a competitive business, making it even more important for a game aggregator to meet the demands of its clients, else there is a good chance that they will go where they feel they will get the correct level of service. But what would trigger a client to seek the service of another aggregator? Well, according to the survey results, resolving an issue in what they deem to be an untimely fashion would do it. Time is money, especially in the casino game, and any issue that takes a long time to resolve could potentially lead to a loss of profits for a client. Not only time, but a client also wants to see action and genuine concern. If a problem arises, then a client wants to see dedicated staff working on it to find a resolution as quickly as possible. Similarly, clients generally will not accept a sub-par level of quality support.

Always Under the Microscope – Trusting the Functionality of a Game Aggregator to Bring Stability

Satisfying customers is what it boils down to, as they are the ones that keep the client making money. Because of this, clients will look for a game aggregator that can provide a player with stability when it comes to accessing games, as players will quickly look at other online casinos should games be unstable or malfunction. If there is a malfunction, a client demands that the aggregator respond to this as quickly as possible.

Final Results of Importance – SOFTSWISS Scoring High Across the Board

SOFTSWISS scored a very impressive 8.2 when clients were asked about how satisfied they were with its service. Furthermore, clients were asked to score each area of importance of 1 and 10, with 1 being of the lowest importance and 10 being of the highest importance. The results were as follows:

  • Stability of games – 9.0
  • Notifying about planned work – 9.0
  • Responding to unscheduled problems – 8.8
  • Integration support, aggregator support – 8.5

A Word from the Head of SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator: Tatyana Kaminskaya, the head of SOFTSWISS game aggregator spoke about the purpose of the research and the results, stating that the research is helpful to gauge an idea of which direction the company should move. To wrap things up, Kaminskaya paid a special mention to the clients of SOFTSWISS, and was delighted that the results reveal how satisfied they are.

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