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‘Something is Brewing at BetGamesTV—New Wheel of Fortune Studio?!’ (image source:

After scouring social media, there seems to be no information out there as to the clue BetGamesTV left on its home page stating, ‘Wheel of Fortune new studio and non-stop action – Coming Soon’!

The image shows the usual 19-segment Wheel game found on the BetGamesTV portal but a slightly different design.

Whether this means there is a new version of the game about to hit BetGamesTV or this is a brand-new studio with a revamped wheel of fortune is not information, the iGaming newsrooms appear privy to. Even our newsletter subscription with BetGamesTV is quietly leaving us both guessing and excited about what this message could mean!

About BetGamesTV Wheel Title

There are 19 segments on the wheel with 18 number segments and a single cup segment. You can bet on any of the numbers directly or choose segments of the wheel. Altogether you have 30 options to place bets. Betting options are neatly separated into tabs along with the bet slip making it super easy to browse each one. Each betting option has different odds with the ‘cup’ offering the highest pay-out!

Currently, the Wheel game is still available on BetGames, and you can try the demo version here.

5-Minute Intervals: As opposed to continuous spins, there is 1 spin every 5 minutes which make it a great side game for players grinding it out on other live games at their chosen live casino!

BetGamesTV Revamping Its Games

More than likely this is BetGamesTV revamping the popular Wheel title. The clue is in the live casino software games manufacture’s past endeavours to upgrade games.

We saw the 6+ Poker title upgraded last year followed by revamp of the War on Bet title which brought the game into a brand-new pirate-themed studio. Plenty of added features came with it such as a new bet slip, a themed window in the background looking into pirate-infested waters and a bigger studio at that.

More recently, BetGamesTV upgraded its Dice Duel title which is incredibly popular! Players have 4 betting tabs and under each tab, a host of options to wager including guessing which dice will land an odd or even number while of course players can also bet on high or low totals as well as what they think the total of both dice or a single dice will produce.

Although we hope this is a new release of another ‘Wheel’ game title, it is unlikely. However, BetGames did release its Rock Paper Scissors game recently, which another fantastic game that moves outside of the realms of traditional casino gaming giving players a fun title that most will already be familiar with!

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