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Tom Dwan Wins USD985 Pot on High Stakes Poker S8 (Image Source:

Tom Dwan is not a stranger to big pots in high stakes cash games, but when Dwan wins huge $985k pot on episode 5 of series 8 of High Stakes Poker on PokerGo, even he would admit how hot he sometimes runs. In fact, he runs well for most of the episode apart from a few big hands that went against him.

Here is a rundown of some of the action at the $400/$800/$800 cash tables hosted in the studios of PokerGO.

$385k Pot Just a Warm-Up For Dwan

Within minutes of the show starting, Dwan was involved in a big hand thanks to a flop which brought a lot of action. He woke up with the 7d-8d and got calls from Jean-Robert Bellande and Bryn Kenney who held 10-9 offsuit and 5d-2d, respectively. 

Dwan bet $9k having hit the nuts on the flop of 6s-9d-10h and would have been a little surprised to see Belande raise him to $31k. Kenney folded, Dawn raised again, and Bellande shoved $167k. An easy and quick call came from Dwan, who took down the pot of $352k. Bellande was his usual self, bemoaning his bad luck.

When Dwan Wins Huge $985k Pot

That would serve as an appetizer for Dwan as he was about to land close to a million from a single pot in this high stakes cash game of poker. Pre-flop there was action from five players as Rick Saloman opened with a small $2.5k pot holding the Ad-3d, Brandon Steven called with Ad-Jd, Dwan followed suit holding pocket queens, Lynne Ji joined in with the Qh-10h, and Bellande raised to $11k with the Ac-Kc.

Salamon and Steven called and Dwan upped the action with a raise to $54k. Ji pushed all in for $163k, Bellande did the same for $399k, the other two folded before Dwan made the call.

The pot was now 985k, and the players agreed to run the board three times to spice up the action and give a chance for the pot to be split. Amazingly, Dawn won all three runs as the boards read:

  • First run: Jc-9s-9h-4h-10s
  • Second Run: Qd-Jh-3s-7s-Ah
  • Third run: 5d-5s-5h-7h-7d

Bellande and Ji were straight out of the door and bemoaning their losses as Dwan wins huge $985k pot and sits back, barely able to stop himself from grinning.

Dwan Shows he is Human With $285k Loss

A little later on the show, Dwan finally found himself on the wrong side of a big hand. Fortunately for him, it was a small amount compared to what he had already won during the session so far. 

Holding the Ad-3d, Kenney opened with a $2,5k bet. He was called by Steven holding pocket sevens and then raised to $12k by Dwan holding the As-Ks. The others called to bring a flop of Ah-Kc-3h.

Kenney and Dwan both made two pair, but the latter was leading at this moment in time with the better one. Dwan bet out with $22k, Kenney called, and this brought a 3c on the turn. Kenney slowed down by calling which prompted Dwan to fire out $55k which brought a call. The river was 10h and Kenney checked once again.

Dwan fired out $95k and must have known he was rumbled when Kenney put in a raise to $285k. He thought for a few minutes before admirably laying down the A-K. Kenney showed the A and Dwan immediately guessed that his opponent’s other card was the three of diamonds.

Dwan was understandably upset with himself for betting on the river, but he would admit that overall, he had an excellent night at the table. He will certainly be looking forward to the next session too – as will all of us! 

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