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TVBET, shortlisted for the online casino supplier of the year at the Global Gaming Awards 2020, just formed a new partnership with Pronet Gaming. As part of this new relationship, Pronet Gaming, a market-leading iGaming platform, will now add 12 TVBET games to its growing portfolio.

A leading gaming content platform, Pronet Gaming already has a casino portfolio that includes over 6,000 video slots and a sports betting solution. That portfolio, now with the addition of a dozen TVBET live casino titles, are available to all current and future online casinos and bookmakers partnered with Pronet Gaming.

New Partnership with Pronet Gaming Adds Variety to Platform’s Portfolio 

TVBET has quickly emerged as a leading live content provider since the firm’s conception in 2016. Providing high-quality live casino and lottery-based titles, the Pronet Gaming portfolio will now be more diverse than ever. 

Professionally hosted by fully trained and experienced dealers and croupiers, TVBET beam the games live using the cutting edge webcam and HD streaming technology. Hosted in sophisticated custom-built live studios, titles beamed in real-time and featuring a live dealer or croupier include PokerBet, 21 Bet, Keno, WheelBet, and Fruit Race.

Partnership Follows Previous Big Moves by TVBET

In recent months, TVBET has already shown a determination to become one of the most innovative live casino providers on the planet. This is via the development of state-of-the-art satellite technology, the continuing improvement of the company’s current portfolio of games, and the creation of brand new live casino content. 

Among continual improvements to the company’s growing list of live casino titles, in the same month, TVBET announced the first of many revamps of its games by increasing the speed of the popular WheelBet game!

Furthermore, TVBET announced in November that it would use satellite technology to ensure faster speeds and more reliable connections for players in regions where internet connections are unreliable. Primarily aimed at improving the online casino experience for players in Africa, players in many Asian and South American countries will also benefit.

TVBET continues to push into new markets and while the firm is not yet a firm fixture in Europe, its ambitions in Africa are clear, while it is also growing in Eastern Bloc countries as well as Aisa!

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