TVBET Expands in Mexico Via Collaboration with Logrand Entertainment

TVBET Expands in Mexico Via Collaboration with Logrand Entertainment. Now Strendus clients will have access to 12 live games from TVBET. (Image Source:

TVBET has announced that it is collaborating with Logrand Entertainment Group, the largest casino supplier in Mexico. According to TVBET, the cooperation will allow it to expand its products to Latin America, particularly Mexico. TVBET also added that the cooperation will enable Logrand Entertainment Group to offer new solutions to its customers and allow it a great chance to diversify its portfolio especially as it is launching online operations on  This cooperation implies that Strendus clients will now have access to 12 live games from TVBET portfolio and they can also make bets on the company’s solutions.

About Logrand Entertainment Group

Established in 2005, Logrand Entertainment Group is an entertainment company in Mexico with fourteen casinos in seven states in the Mexican Republic currently under its control. Logrand Entertainment Group boasts a renowned casino and betting operator, as its brand in Mexico charged with taking entertainment further. began operations in 2017 with a mission to create a unique experience for its users. This is why Logrand Entertainment Group is constantly seeking to exceed its customer’s expectations.  Similarly, boasts a robust gaming library and also offers lotteries, live casinos, casino games, virtual slots, live sports, sports betting, a wide range of slots among others.

Statement from Strendus Online Products Manager

Speaking on the cooperation, Strendus Online Product Manager, Eduardo Peralez noted that:

It is now very important to provide only unique and superior content to customers.  He added that TVBET has a great collection of games as one of the top providers in the industry, ranging from card games to lotteries.

He concluded that Strendus is looking forward to a strong collaboration with TVBET especially as it is seeing that products from the latter have a very good potential in the Mexican gambling market.

BtoBet Platform

It is important to note that the cooperation was made available via the BtoBet platform which is a joint venture for both as operator and TVBET as the provider. BtoBet is a technology platform that offers the iGaming industry award-winning Business to Business solutions. Its globally proven gaming and sports software can fully satisfy all jurisdictional criteria while providing customized and customizable solutions for operators who want to deliver an exclusive gaming experience.

Statement from The Chief Marketing Officer for BtoBet

In her own remarks, the Chief Marketing Officer for BtoBet, Sabrina Solda stated that:

It is exemplary for operators to have access to proven content to amplify player engagement levels. She further stated that TVBET has a very popular content portfolio that offers new betting options to players while featuring a wider coverage of events and betting on any events in advance among other things.

The Chief Marketing Officer expressed confidence in the cooperation, adding that TVBET’s robust content will certainly add value to customers of BtoBet via quality standards that guarantee strong business growth.

Statement from CEO of TVBET

CEO of TVBET, Peter Korpusenko also spoke on the cooperation, stating that

It is proof of his company’s move in the right direction. He added that TVBET is excited to work and collaborate with Strendus (its new Mexican partner) and BtoBet.

In his last remarks, Korpusenko stated that TVBET’s team strongly believes that this cooperation is only a starting point for a fruitful and solid partnership with both operators.

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