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‘TVBET Live Casino satellite starts by targeting African regions and could expand’ (image source:

The TVBET live casino is a Cypriot-based live casino and has taken the live casino industry by storm. Its latest plunder on the live casino scene is the launch of satellite tech that beams signals into far-out regions as well as inhabited areas where residents normally suffer from poor internet speeds and regular interruption when playing online casino games.

New satellite tech will now give customers in these areas a strong and super-fast connection to TVBET live casino games. Now let’s double-take that because you are reading this correctly. A firm that brings live casino gaming via satellite. Now that has a ring to it!

No other online casino can claim to be as brazen TVBET’s latest technological breakthrough within the live casino scene. Most TVBET competitors use high-speed internet connections to transmit their live tables and other casinos game. However, TVBET’s impressively takes things a step further with a revolutionary idea which is not only an intelligent solution but also a great publicity stunt that brings much-wanted attention to the TVBET brand name.

Capturing an unprecedented and almost forgotten market share

Take your hat off to this provider because it is entering a highly competitive market where market share is difficult to come by. However, the solution for TVBET is to start by targeting those that live in remote locations with poor internet speeds and give them high-speed access into regions other live casinos cannot. Once those regions do have faster internet speeds in the future, TVBET will already have their custom.

Some regions that suffer the most from lack of internet connectivity but have plenty of surplus cash to gamble online include South East Asia, South America, mountainous areas of Europe, and of course huge pockets of Africa. However, the satellite services are mostly serving betting establishments in Africa using English language to target African countries.

Countries TVBET Satellite is already available are African nations where the games use English-speaking dealers and croupiers. Meanwhile, TVBET announced that its services can expand into other regions on request!

High speed and high-resolution game delivery via an installation team

Those that connect to the TVBET live casino will have access to 4k high-resolution connections. With the satellite access players can play a full suite of real money casino games such as card games and live lotteries via land-based casinos and operators that have a B2B agreement with TVBET to stream their games on their casino.

The connection itself is much like subscribing to a cable or satellite TV channel. Operators and establishments will need a receiver and decoder which comes with a small fee. To obtain this equipment, they can make an order to have a specialist team from TVBET live casino to come into their gambling establishment and set up the connection.

With a fully configured satellite box targeting the TVBET satellite system, players from any region without fast internet speeds can access operators to play casino games and call upon TVBET for technical support

A list of 10 out of 31 nations ‘TVBET Satellite’ is available

• Kenya
• Uganda
• Nigeria
• Ghana
• Senegal
• Liberia
• Algeria
• Zimbabwe
• Mozambique
• South Africa

How does the TVBET system work after installation?

Players that want to place bets on casino games will need to find an establishment offering the TVBET services. They can walk in and ask the cashier to place bets on their behalf on casino games. The cashier has access to PCs that operate the games, and the player can then place bets on games in real time and watch the results unfold immediately. This process guarantees fair play and is available without any signal delays.

Features of TVBET portfolio
  • Betting shops can easily offer clientele live TVBET games
  • Live Keno games
  • Live 7Bet and 5Bet Lotto
  • Live dealer 21 Blackjack tables
  • Live PokerBet Table Games
  • Live Dealer JokerBet
  • Live Backgammon
  • Live WheelBet (Similar to roulette)

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