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One of the newcomers to the live casino industry is increasingly making its mark on the competitive live dealer iGaming niche, and it has just extended its live game portfolio with 4 brand-new additions!

Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, 7Up 7Down, and 32 Cards are set to gate crash Asian markets creating quite the buzz. One of those markets especially being India, where Teen Patti and Andar Bahar are traditional betting games in this neck of the woods. Yet, despite the Asian appeal to these amazing new titles, players from all over the world with access to TVbet casinos will have the chance to try their luck on all 4 games!

Each title comes with simple rules, unique betting experiences and exciting gameplay delivered by professionally trained live dealers streamed via high-end Ultra-HD webcams and state-of-the-art audio. The rules of the games are easy to follow, and we already know that other brands already offering Teen Patti and Andar Bahar have already proven how successful these games. And not just within Asian casino player communities. but also with players from all cultures and backgrounds!

4 Games with Simple Rules to Follow From An Award-Winning Brand!

Each game is easy to learn and relies on luck. Much like games such as Baccarat and Sic Bo, Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, 7Up 7Down, and 32 Cards are hit casino game titles all over Asia!

  • Teen Patti: This game is similar to 3 Card Poker or 3 Card Brag. Each player receives 3 cards. By using the poker hand ranking system, the player with the highest hand wins. That is as long as the dealer’s hand qualifies otherwise all bets are pushed. The reason Teen Patti is slightly different to 3 Card Poker is the hand rankings are slightly different.
  • Andar Bahr: This game gets its appeal from its multiple betting options and simple gameplay. A single round can leave players in suspense as they wait for a card to come out onto the table that matches a ‘Joker’. The ‘Joker Card’ is taken from the deck of cards to start the game. The dealer then systematically flips 1 card at a time swapping from Andar and then to the Bahar section for each one flipped over. As soon as a card matched the ‘Joker’, the round ends and players that bet whether Andar or Bahar would produce the match win!
  • 7UP 7DOWN: 8 decks of card come into action on the 7UP 7DOWN table. The dealer shuffles the decks into one pile and then places them into the shoe. Players then need to guess the value of the next card with main betting opportunities. ‘Higher than 7’, ‘Lower then 7’, or indeed the 7 card itself. Guessing the 7 card pays out the highest odds!
  • 32 Cards: As the name implies, there are 32 cards used with only 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, and King cards in the deck. There are 4 conditional players involved each with a starting point, so player 8, 9, 10 or 11. The dealer will shuffle the deck and hand over 1 card to each player. The value of the card is added together with each player’s original points and whoever has the highest total wins the round.

The Games Came at The Request of Supernowa

Thanks to a strategic partnership with Supernowa, which predominantly operates in Asian markets as a reseller for TVbet, all 4 games were planned and put into production. Supernowa sees each of the casino table game variants as potential superstar performers in Asia with the potential to attract thousands of players.

For TVbet, creating these titles at the request of their Asian partner was also a no brainer. It came with a double-edge sword and one that can take multiple swipes slicing through numerous continents including Europe, LATAM, Africa, and Oceania where TVbet titles are available on a number of live casinos in these regions!

High-Tech Satellite Transmissions: TVBet is already getting its brand name on the map in areas where internet infrastructure is still not properly installed leading the live games provider to set up a revolutionary TVbet satellite broadcast network!

Asian communities in these continents, plus those that enjoy engaging action-packed Asian style casino gaming, will be delighted to see the addition of 4 games simultaneously added to their TVbet live casino game sections.

Currently, the games are available on Supernowa operated casino platforms while these games should also show up on other TVbet casinos such as the Orient Xpress Live Casino which already hosts TVbet games accessible for players in India, New Zealand, South Africa, the Republic of Ireland, Australia, and Canada. We may also see the games appear at Pronet Gaming casinos after the 2 firms recently strict a deal.

TVbet Game Collection and Rise of a New Brand in Live Dealer Gaming!

The TVbet brand has operated out of the Cypriot capital Nicosia since 2016. Prior to the recent release of its 4 new titles, already has 9 live casino games in operation. The company has strategic partnerships with large casino aggregators such as SoftSwiss and its entire game collection is certified by Gaming Labs International (GLI).

Its vision and style are similar to BetGamesTV, investing in new games to add value and differentiation to potential casino aggregator and operator clients via B2B live game supplier deals. You can also play games via a demo page available on the TVbet website via your desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

As recognition to TVbet’s excellence in casino game development, the band has won 4 prestigious awards, and it has been shortlisted at both the SBC and Global Gaming Awards over the past 2 years, which is no easy feat. It won’t be long before we see this company pick up an award from one or both of these 2 major iGaming award ceremonies in the future.

Award Winning Live Casino Game Supplier

  • BEGE Awards 2019 – Best Marketing Concept Program Winner
  • Login Casino Awards 2019 – Best Betting Product Winner
  • Login Casino Awards 2019 – Best Developer of the Year Winner
  • Login Casino Awards 2020 – Best Provider of Live Games Winner

Shortlisted For Multiple Awards

  • Global Gaming Awards 2020 – Online Casino Supplier of the Year
  • SBC Awards 2019 – Rising Star in Casino Innovation (Casino)
  • SBC Awards 2019 – Best Multi-Channel Supplier (Sports & Casino)
  • SBC Awards 2020 – Land-Based Betting & Gaming Product
  • SBC Awards 2020 – Live Streaming Product/ Supplier

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