TVBET To Launch Mega6 And Andar Bahar

TVBET To Launch Mega6 And Andar Bahar. With the release of these two games, TVBET’s live games portfolio will be a total of fifteen. (Image Source:

Global live TV-games provider TVBET has announced the launch of two brand new live games – Mega6 and Andar Bahar. With the addition of the new live games, TVBET’s portfolio now consists of fifteen live products solutions which are all high in quality.

One of these live products is Teen Patti which was released in July. Players can get acquainted with the new games in the demo section as they are available for integration. The two new games were adapted from Andar Bahar, the Indian game, and Mega6, a new live lottery.

One of India’s Most Popular Card Games Explained

Andar Bahar is a well-known card game that originated in India. The game is very simple and incredibly unique, and interesting. So many punters worldwide have been fascinated with the thrilling experience of Andar Bahar for many centuries. Andar Bahar continues to attract even new players as it promises an exciting gaming experience. Andar Bahar has 2 special game sections, namely ANDAR and BAHAR.

The presenter will first draw a single card called the Joker and place it in a place specially designated for it. The presenter will then proceed to draw additional cards one after the other and place each one alternatively into the BAHAR and ANDAR sections. The game aims to get a card that has the same value of the Joker.

Adding to Andar Bahar – We Look at the New Mega6 Lotto Title

On the other hand, Mega6 is a new lottery from TVBET, unlike Andar Bahar, which is ancient. In total, there are 49 balls in the game, out of which six balls will be drawn at random. The 49 balls are either pink or white, and they are given numbers from 1 to 49. This implies that punters can place bets on both the color and the number. There are also betting options on the precise sequence of the drawn numbers or at least one out of four drawn numbers. Betting options are equally available for the order of the color of the balls drawn, particular criteria for the last or first ball, even/odd the total for all balls drawn or the total for balls of a certain color, and many other options.

What to Expect from These Releases: Both Mega6 and Andar Bahar promise to be captivating, exciting and rewarding as players can get up to 3 jackpots from either of the games in addition to other winnings. Andar Bahar is especially expected to be popular in live casinos in India that have the TVBet brand. Similarly, bettors can wager on upcoming games and the current game before the main game. To get better odds, they can also place multiple bets on several games in combination on Mega6, Andar Bahar, and other games from the top provider, TVBET.


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