Vinnie Jones Becomes a Dealer

Vinnie Jones becomes a dealer for some upcoming titles planned by Real Dealer Studios. The football hardman has started filming! (Image from )

Real Dealer Studios, the iGaming development firm that produces RNG table games designed to look like live casino games, has announced its first-ever celebrity live dealer. Vinnie Jones, the famous footballer and actor from the UK, will become a live dealer on popular games such as Blackjack and Roulette.

The firm is like no other, as it offers a unique way to develop virtual table games. This is made clear with Real Dealer Studios “It’s not live. It’s Real”. The firm creates games that give the illusion that you are playing a brick and mortar casino by utilising pre-recorded cut-scenes. It feels live, but it’s not. You will see the dealer deal the cards, the roulette wheel spinning, and there are recordings of every potential outcome of your hand or turn.

Previously, the firm used fully trained dealers to create the recordings. That’s why you can play Real Roulette with Sarati, Caroline, Holly, Bailey, Matthew, or George, or Real Baccarat with Sarati, Courtney, or Holly. However, Real Dealer Studios has hit on a new concept that should increase the popularity of its titles, celebrity dealers with Vinnie Jones becoming the first!

Filming Started This Week

UK live casino fans will probably know Vinnie Jones for his professional football career more than anything else. Far from being the most talented of his generation, he earned his fame for his ‘hardman’ image. As for everyone else, you might recognise him for the career he took up after retiring from football.

Real Dealer Studios have had a positive start to 2022, it seems. This news follows a recent partnership inked with William Hill that will see the studio’s portfolio of table games featured at the world famous online casino!

Vinnie Jones entered the world of acting and landed roles in major movies, including Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, Gone in 60 Seconds, and Mean Machine. It is filming of a different kind that Vinnie Jones will now embark on. The company and the actor have started filming his scenes for upcoming Real Dealer Studio titles. It is thought he will feature as a dealer in roulette and blackjack titles initially, with other games lined up a bit later.

 Real Dealer Studios bringing in Vinnie Jones as a celebrity dealer had us wondering who the firm might add next? It is definitely a new angle and one that could prove popular. Would you rather play roulette with a dealer you don’t know, or with Vinnie Jones dealing out the cards?

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