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What’s Yours is Yours Campaign Africa summit was a success & is set to help the brand gate-crash the world’s fastest growing continent. (Photo by James Wiseman on Unsplash)

In Africa, the BetConstruct What’s Yours is Yours Campaign has already taken place in Africa, and the success of the campaign is giving the brand a head start in a continent that has emerged as an economic world leader. The new campaign is set to increase brand awareness in the region for its sports betting, virtual sports, and online casino verticals.

Economically speaking, and iGaming aside, Africa as a continent is fast becoming, or some might say, is already, one of the most impressive emerging global markets. It has long had one country named as one of the 5 BRICS economies. South Africa is the ‘S’ in BRICS joining Brazil, Russia, India, and China, all named as the world’s fastest growing economies. However, more up-to-date figures now show there’s also Morocco, Kenya and Ghana all outshining South Africa in 2021, while Africa as a continent now boasts the fastest growing economy in the world.

Where there is economic growth, the demand for leisure activities increases. Of course, iGaming and sports betting are historically in demand where money starts to flow. With Africa’s economic growth now number one in the world, overtaking Europe, Asia, South America, North America, and Oceania’s economic growth figures, it is now the perfect place for online gambling firms to spread their wings and spread the word about their brand name. This follows suit with the BetConstruct ‘Introducing the iGaming Market: Growth, Licenses, Markets, Trends, Requirements’ blog publish in Q4 2021.

In order for BetConstruct to build brand awareness, it is taking a familiar approach that has worked on other continents, such as Europe. As a sports betting platform provider, a company that offers licensing services, a live casino provider under the BetConstruct brand, and an iGaming and betting delivery platform provider, BetConstruct is working on providing its B2B services i.e., as the BetConstruct report explains, the firm plans to develop add-on targeted solutions with partners in Africa to diversify growth opportunities across the continent.

Why the ‘What’s Yours is Yours’ moto? The idea behind the name of the campaign is to give local operators looking for an online gambling provider total freedom of choice over the array of BetConstruct services on offer. The company is not there to open sports betting or casino websites, and rather its aim is to work with local operators as partners to help grow domestic brands. In short, your market, your business, and your people, while BetConstruct is there as a service provider.

Africa Is a Continent that Has Huge Potential for iGaming & Sports Betting

Technically speaking, there will be those against gambling companies targeting any continent. There has always been a stigma. However, BetConstruct is a well-known brand, fully licensed by multiple authorities across the globe, and will introduce services with responsible gambling measures in place. This is as opposed to other smaller companies that may not have operators’ or players’ best interests at heart.

That said, business is business, and there is huge potential to grow in a hugely diverse market, while many of the countries across Africa also have plenty of parallels. French and English-speaking markets are already part of BetConstruct’s set-up, while the company will also need to consider domestic languages and currencies which across the continent is extremely diverse, so it will be interesting to see how this works out. For example, online casinos in South Africa are very popular and already using Rand.

Via the BetConstruct What’s Yours is Yours Campaign Africa, there is potential for unexpected opportunities. BetConstruct has said that it has a rapid expansion in place, offering a complete A to Z platform that will cater for the various markets across Africa. The platform will cover online and retail with Sportsbooks, iGaming, virtual sports, and likely the BetConstruct live casino too. Players will be able to play using betting and/or gambling terminals, PC, mobile, kiosks, and more.

When is the summit? BetConstruct’s latest What’s yours is yours in Africa’s latest exhibition ran from 8 to 9 February. The brand will continue its push into the continent with future summits and already has begun its more into various markets in Africa.

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