Safer Gambling Week 2021Following the huge success of 2020, organisers have now revealed the dates of the 2021 Safer Gambling Week!

Dubbed, SGWeek21, the event will once again see industry regulators, operators, aggregators, and affiliates come together for a week-long push to increase awareness about the importance of responsible and safe gambling.

Announced by the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC), Safer Gambling Week will again take place in November, though this time between the 1st and 7th!

During the week-long event, online and offline gaming operators, regulators, charities, and organisations promote safer gambling via promotional material displayed on social media, on websites, and at online casinos, sportsbooks, poker rooms, and bingo sites. Brick and mortar gaming operators will display the same material in betting shops, casinos, and bingo halls.

SGWeek21 becomes the 5th installment of a campaign originally launched back in 2017. That was the year, when the UK and Ireland gambling industry, first came together as one to generate awareness on the dangers of gambling, what the industry could do better to prevent problem gamblers, and to give help and support to anyone struggling with gambling addicition. Untill undergoing rebranding last year, the event was called Responsible Gambling Week.

The Aim of 2021 Safer Gambling Week

The goal of each of the organisations involved is to get the UK and Ireland to start talking about responsible gambling. Not just as a means to reaching out to help problem gamblers, but get conversations going about how the gambling industry can improve, create, and enforce better standards, tools, regulations, and guidelines to help reduce the number of new problem gamblers created each week, month, or year.

The Betting and Gaming Council (BCG), Bingo Association (BA) and British Amusement Catering Trade Association (Bacta) are the primary organisers of Safer Gambling Week, but many other organisations, companies, and industry regulators all support, sponsor and take part in the promotion of the event. This includes the UK Gambling Commission which regulates online and offline gambling in the UK and Ireland, BeGambleAware, and GamStop.

Last year’s Safer Gambling Week was deemed a big success. Sponsored by Pragmatic Games, a leading developer of iGaming casino games, it led to a 19% increase in social media impressions compared to the previous year. In total, 19 million impressions were made. That number is impressive considering the coronavirus pandemic leading to many land-based gambling destinations having to close for large parts of the year. The Safer Gambling Week website also reported an increase in visits during the campaign while online operators noticed a sharp increase in gamblers using self-exclusion, and other tools and features designed to limit wagering.

Highlighting the dangers of gambling, is hugely important, especially during difficult economic times. This annual campaign is a testament to the good work that industry insiders do to try and make gambling safer in the UK and Ireland. It also shows that when organisations show a willingness to come together, they can create a voice loud enough to reach those that need the help and guidance to combat their gambling issues.

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