Dream Catcher Pays Out €860k to 122 Players

Read how 122 players struck it lucky on another of Evolution’s exciting live game shows. Learn how Dream Catcher pays out €860k! (Image from Evolution YouTube channel)

Just a week after Evolution revealed its live casino title, Crazy Time, had paid out a record-breaking €21 million, another of the firm’s games had delivered an exciting win. This time it was Dream Catcher, the firm’s and industry’s first-ever live casino gameshow, that created a ton of big winners.

After an incredible sequence of events, the wheel of fortune style title paid 122 players a share of €860,000 that was created by a huge 3,430x multiplier!

The game consists of a giant wheel that contains 54 segments. Each will either contain a number from 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, or 40 or a 2x or 7x multiplier. Should you bet on one of the numbers and it lands, you win that number as a multiplier of your bet. So, bet on 5 and you will win 5x your stake. Should the wheel stop on a multiplier, all values are multiplied by that value and the wheel is spun again.

To create large multipliers requires several lucky spins and this is exactly what happened when Dream Catcher paid out €860k. The live host spun the wheel and it landed on a 2x multiplier segment. A good start, but nothing special at that point. It simply doubled the multiplier for whichever number would eventually land. A 10 would now pay 20x, and so on. While good news for players, this was nothing compared to what was about to happen.

The host spins the giant wheel once more, and this time it lands on a 7x multiplier. As you imagine, the players started to get excited in the community chatroom! Multipliers stack up on Dream Catcher, and this was 7x on top of the previous 2x. There were some big numbers now. The 5 would bring a 490x multiplier, the 20 a 1,960x, and the 40 a whopping 3,920x.

Visibly excited, the host spun the wheel for the third time. This time she even called that another multiplier will land! She was right, and once again, it was the 7x! The top multiplier was now 20,000x for the 40 segments, but it was one of the 5 segments that would roll in on the fourth spin. This now had a multiplier of 3,430x the stake. 122 players had wagered on that segment and between them, they won a total of €860,000! One player scooped a payout of €227,325 on his own!

Other Big Payouts from Live Casino Games in Recent Weeks!

The great thing about live casino games is that there is always a chance of big wins. The one above is tiny in comparison to many others. Just recently we had Crazy Time payout a whopping €21 million via its Pachinko bonus feature. That came just a couple of weeks after the same game, and the same bonus round paid out €13.6 million. Crazy Time has paid out over a million a handful of times throughout 2021. It is the most popular live game show in Evolution’s portfolio and took a full year to develop. Like Dream Catcher, it uses a giant wheel, but on this title, four lucrative bonus features can trigger. That is when the really big money wins occur!

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