Entain Foundation Announces the Launch of Gamble Responsibly America App

Entain Foundation Announces the Launch of Gamble Responsibly America App. It will work with RG24/7 and EPIC Risk Management to launch the app. (Image Source: Entain.com)

Entain, a gaming operator in the UK, and BetMGM, its partner, support a responsible gaming application that Entain Foundation will distribute in the United States of America.  Entain Foundation will work with RG24/7 and EPIC Risk Management to launch the new responsible gambling application to aid problem gamblers as an educational resource. BetMGM will also offer links and information to the application on all its responsible gaming web pages. According to Entain Foundation, the app aims to promote safe gambling across the casino and sports market in the United States of America.

How To Access The App

The unbranded application will be available to gamblers on all mobile devices for free.  It has been set up in a manner that Entain, MGM Resorts, or BetMGM will not get any commercial benefit. Instead, the app is solely focused on providing access for players to get strategies and resources to cultivate healthy gambling habits. Users can now get direct access to information without registering.

Boosting Responsible Betting/Gambling in a Thriving Betting Market

The Entain Foundation promotes responsible gaming ideas for consumers in the United States of America, especially as legal sports betting continues to grow across the US. The foundation has placed itself as an avid supporter of responsible gaming by funding several major programs that have to do with responsible gaming. This brand application will allow consumers to have direct access to advice in Spanish and English.

Significant Features of The App

Below are some basic features to expect in this application:

  • Tools and Limits: The Gamble Responsibly America application informs consumers how to regulate their playing habits. It features several functions like setting a time-out or limiting weekly deposits. There will be a restriction on account login until the allotted time is complete or if the deposit is still within limits. Most operators have these tools in place to help consumers effectively control their playing level.
  • Self-Assessment Quiz: consumers who use this new app can take a self-assessment quiz to see if they need to adjust or modify their playing habits.
  • Gambling Diary: with this Gamble Responsibly America app, consumers and gamblers can input notes about their betting and gaming choices regularly. This will allow them to check back on the diary and reflect on the investment and decisions and adjust where necessary.
  • Evaluation of Behavior: users of the new app will find out more about behaviors that can be potentially harmful to them. They will also be aware of when gaming and betting get overboard. Users can also learn about numerous payment methods, failed deposits, frequency of play, and much more.
  • Extensive Resources and Information: Users will find a complete list showing where to locate videos on the significance of responsible gambling, additional information, assistance, and more throughout the application. They can also directly access three videos about the information on responsible gambling on the app.
  • Live Chat: there is a chat feature on the app that connects consumers with helpline specialists 24/7 for inquiries, requests, complaints, and questions. Individuals can also connect to the 24/7 live chatline of the National Council on Problem Gambling via the Gamble Responsibly app.
Boost in Sports Betting During the Pandemic

The American Gaming Association (AGA) reports that there was a surge in US sports betting during the peak of the pandemic. It was said to have generated up to 1.5 billion dollars in revenue in 2020. Responsible gambling campaigns face funding issues even as states across the United States of America keep on cashing in from the tax income of legalized sports betting.



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